Prey but I’ve realized that what I really want is a new Turok


I wanted to write about the Predator movie series and how painful almost all of its interactions with the video game industry have been. In the process I have stumbled upon an unexpected guest and found myself surrounded by dinosaurs.

Go ahead, this text must be read with Alan Silvestri’s soundtrack for the 1987 movie playing in the background. At least mentally. This is how I have written this article because that is how I want to remember this series of films, like the first two tapes of my dear John McTiernan y Stephen Hopkins: “eighties macarriles”. I will not say that everything that has come after for the Predator series has been horrible HORRIBLE, with capital letters. But I didn’t like it by far as much as the original proposals. The fact is that with the arrival of Predator: The dam at Disney + on August 5th I wanted to write about how the license has been related to video games.

And there, again, not everything is bad. But I think the game related to the franchise that I remember most fondly was the Aliens VS. Predator of the arcade machines (1994). I recognize that the Aliens VS. Monolith Productions’ Predator 2 (2001) gave me quite a bit of angst. Despite this, it seems to me that Predator, just like that, without companions, still lacks “the big game”, something that it shares with many film licenses of the time, such as RoboCop. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that RoboCop: Rogue City is going to leave fans a lot to be desired. Originally this text was about that, about the absence of a great video game for Predatorbut then I realized that this new movie shares some interesting items with another saga of games unfairly forgotten by the industry, not so much by the players. I speak of Turok, who has enjoyed 6 video gamessome of them forgettable, some simply essential.

The Turok license has its origin in a series of comics that over the years has been jumping from publisher to publisher with some bad luck. Like in the games, and summarizing a lota brave Native American faced herds of dangerous dinosaurs in a thousand adventures I’m convinced that during the Guerrilla “brainstorm” that sparked Horizon Zero Dawn, this franchise peeked into the subconscious of more than one developer. It happened to me while I was writing about Predator: Prey, and the fact is that I understand that after the moderate success of Propaganda Games’ 2008 game, and the success that Guerrilla is reaping with the Horizon series, Turok has been left fallow. waiting for better times.

But if I think that this latest adventure was at the time one of the best exponents of the possibilities of Unreal Engine 3, and that there is a whole generation of players who remember the first Nintendo 64 titles with tremendous affection, hope is born in me that some developer remembers this intrepid warrior from the Mandan tribe (not “Mando”, that’s another license). Imagine with me a title developed with a next-generation graphics engine, first-person action in which the player runs through dense rain forests as the prey of flocks of velociraptors. Oh… wait… If that game exists! It’s called The Lost Wild and the good folks at Annapurna Interactive recently announced it for PC. The bad thing is that we will have to wait until 2024 to enjoy it. And of course, it’s not turok.

Turok has enjoyed 6 video games, some of them forgettable, some simply essentialThe fact is that Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and some of its sequels, were able to find their audience at a time when FPS were beginning to draw as one of the most profitable genres thanks to more traditional approaches to warfare, or more conventional science fiction and space opera proposals. What made Turok special should be studied in more detail, and maybe it is something that deserves a dedicated article in the future. But for me Turok was special because of his basic proposal, a cultural fetish linked to dinosaurs that he dragged from childhood, and that, like many fans of my generation, the 1993 premiere of Jurassic Park only managed to revive. My partner Alberto Pastor, for example, especially remembers the crazy arsenal at the player’s disposal. What is indisputable is that Iguana Entertainment y Acclaim They did several things right when it came to raising this project. On the one hand, they had a good eye for the license, on the other, they achieved a very solid game that It is still celebrated as one of the essential titles in the Nintendo 64 catalog. As it was, they managed to offer something attractive and different for each player, something extremely difficult in the world of video games.

It’s funny to me how I’ve jumped from one thing to another, but between all these titles, games, comics and movies, there is one common element. It has nothing to do with sales figures or collections, nor with having a North American native as the protagonist (which we can also cite there, for example, Assassin’s Creed 3). It’s about this idea of ​​the predator turned into prey, of the hunted hunter, a duality that develops in parallel to the evolutionary vanity of the human being and that has served as the theme for countless narratives since the first hominid came up with the idea of ​​telling hunting anecdotes among his fellow humans. And now for video games, of course.


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