Prince Harry Shows Up Unexpectedly At A Screening Of Netflix’s Heart Of Invictus


Prince Harry Shows Up Unexpectedly At A Screening Of Netflix’s Heart Of Invictus:

Prince Harry is always full of shocks, and this week, he gave theatergoers a big one. The Duke of Sussex, who is 38 years old, was in California on Monday for a sneak peek of his Netflix docuseries Heart of Invictus.

The Duke of Sussex shocked the crowd at a showing of his new Netflix docuseries, “Heart of Invictus,” on Monday at an AMC theater in California. The show follows a group of injured soldiers as they prepare for last year’s Invictus Games within the Netherlands.

Several people in the crowd at an AMC theater within Chula Vista, which is in San Diego County, took videos and pictures of Harry and shared them on social media.

This Wednesday, Heart Of Invictus Comes Out On Netflix:

“You guys get to see Heart of Invictus, which was in the works for two years, before anyone else,” Harry said in a speech about the docuseries, which premieres on Netflix upon Wednesday as well as follows the lives of competitors in the 2020 Invictus Games, which will be held in The Hague, Netherlands.

“Last night, I was invited to a special screening of Prince Harry’s new documentary series, ‘Heart of Invictus,’ at AMC Chula Vista, and I got a chance to meet the Duke of Sussex, Harry himself,” Skidmore wrote in an Instagram description Tuesday.

“As a military partner, a USO volunteer, as well as someone who cares deeply about helping the military, this was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I am so grateful for it.”

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Harry Is Just As Kind In Person As He Is In The Media His Goal Is To Help  Veterans All Over The World:

Skidmore said, “Harry is just as kind in person as he is in the media, and his mission to help veterans all over the world is no different.” He then thanked the United Service Organizations as well as Netflix.

“As a military spouse, USO volunteer, as well as someone who cares deeply regarding military advocacy, this event was truly one of a kind, as well as I am extremely grateful for the experience,” Skidmore said next to a picture of Harry with her and Pham.

“Harry is just as kind in person as he is in the media. He wants to help soldiers all over the world. Thank you to both the USO and Netflix! Heart of Invictus will be on Netflix on August 30, 23!” she said in the end.

Prince Harry Seemed To Talk About How Important It Is For Military Family Members To Do Their Jobs Well:

In another video that Pham shared, Prince Harry seemed to talk regarding the important role that military family members play both when they are in uniform and when they are not.

“You all serve, whether you’re the ones who dress the uniform, the spouse, or the child who is sent around the country,” he stated as Pham murmured “Oh my god!” across the video.

“When it’s a random Monday night as well as Prince Harry crashes the premiere of his show within random Chula Vista,” she wrote within text over the video. “There were a lot of cheers, and everyone were so shocked when Prince Harry showed up to spend the evening with us.

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Harry Stayed For The Whole Movie And Even Took Pictures With Some Of The Guests Afterward:

“He stayed for the duration of the film and even took pictures with some guests afterward,” Skidmore said within a statement that was made public on Thursday.

“Seeing this series was important to me not only because my husband is in the military, but also because I care a lot about supporting the military.”

“Heart of Invictus,” which was directed through Orlando von Einsiedel and written and directed by Joanna Natasegara, is now available on Netflix. The film gives viewers an inside look at how hard Invictus Games competitors train and prepare.

The series is about Prince Harry’s personal journey, and he talks openly about what it was like to come home from war in Afghanistan and deal with PTSD.

Veterans Can Share Their Stories Of Courage And Strength Through The Department Of Veterans Affairs:

Inspired by the U.S. Warrior Games, Prince Harry started the Invictus Games within 2014 to be an international sports event to help military soldiers who have been hurt on the battlefield get back on their feet. The docuseries gives soldiers a chance to tell their stories of strength and perseverance.

The new project from Harry and Meghan’s deal with Netflix is Heart of Invictus. Within their 2022 documentary, Harry & Megan, the couple talked about their lives in a very honest way.

In the docuseries, they talked about their decision to step down as senior royals. They also talked about Meghan’s experiences with racism and a lot more.