Prince Harry’s Peace Talks Won’t Happen


Prince Harry’s ‘Peace Talks’ Won’t Happen:

Since the author of “Spare” and his wife, Meghan Markle, relocated to Montecito, California, alongside Prince Harry in 2020, their relationship has been cold.

Even though “peace talks” are set to happen next month, don’t expect things to get better between HRH as well as the former Duke of Sussex any time soon, says a royal expert.

Publicist Matt Yanofsky warned the Mirror that the so-called summit appears to be more of a PR stunt than a real meeting, and that people shouldn’t expect much more than another episode of the royal family’s dramatic “soap opera.”

A Royal Friend Of King Charles As Well As Prince William Verified That The King Is Scheduled To Meet Alongside Prince Harry On September 17:

In spite of what some accounts have said, there are no plans to talk peace with Prince Harry. Reports that the king will meet with Prince Harry upon Sept. 17 have been laughed off by royal insiders as well as friends of King Charles as well as Prince William.

“Only the men who are in the room are aware of what will happen, yet from the PR point of view, the royal family needs stories to stay within the news, particularly since the public’s opinion of the royals is falling,” Yanofsky said.

Buckingham Palace insiders denied the reports, as well as a friend of the king said that while they thought the king was going to want to keep the door accessible to a reconciliation alongside Harry, they didn’t think a physical meeting would happen just three days before the king’s important state visit to France.

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King Charles Will Come Back From Balmoral Castle To London Within The Middle Of September:

A friend of Prince William stated that even if Charles wanted to meet his cousin Harry, who, according to a story, was going to stay in the U.K. after witnessing the Invictus Games within Dusseldorf, there was “no hope” that William might agree to a tête-à-tête alongside Harry.

“King Charles will be coming back to London from Balmoral Castle within the middle of September,” a source told the UK’s OK! Magazine a few days ago. “This will coincide with the end of Harry’s trip to Dusseldorf for the Invictus Games.”

“The king’s official trip to France has been moved to September 20, so he has just a few days to meet alongside his son in London. “Right now, the staff is working on the last details,” they said.

After Prince Philip Died, Prince Harry Held A Secret Meeting:

Harry’s biography, Spare, starts with a scene about their last “secret” meeting, which took place after Prince Philip’s funeral and was set up by Harry.

Harry wrote in his book, “I’d come home just for my grandfather’s funeral. While I was there, I asked my father and older brother Willy for a secret meeting to talk about how things were going.

In the first part of his best-selling book, Harry said that William and Charles came to the meeting in a royal graveyard within Windsor “ready for a fight.”

He called William his “arch-nemesis” and said that “Willy in particular didn’t want to hear anything.” Charles begged his sons, “Please, boys, don’t make my final years miserable.”

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The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Are Heading Out Together On September 9 To Host The Invictus Games Within Düsseldorf:

“If the talks happen, the king is going to make it very clear that no private family business will ever be talked about in public again,” the source said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are arriving in Düsseldorf, Germany, on September 9 to host the Invictus Games. The games will go on until the 16th.

It’s no secret that Harry and his family have been fighting for the past few years, especially after the publication of his tell-all book in January, in which he said his father had called him the “spare” since he was born.

The Person Said That The King Was Especially Angry About How Harry Portrayed His Spouse Queen Camilla:

A source for OK! said that the king was especially upset with how Harry wrote about his wife, Queen Camilla, who is 76 years old. Harry said that Camilla “sacrificed me upon her personal PR altar.”

The Mirror said on August 19 that the king will meet with his oldest son, Prince William, as well as William’s wife, Kate Middleton, at Balmoral Castle to talk about the future of the royal family.

When queried if William hated his brother, to be a source previously disclosed to The Daily Beast, the friend said, “He feels betrayed.” They were very close when they were kids, so it has hurt William a lot. But what may he do in the end? Spare is a good example.

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Harry Has Said That Kate As Well As The Way He Raises His Children Are Wrong:

It’s William’s worst fear come true. It completely invades his privacy. On top of that, Harry has said bad things about Kate and how he raises his kids. It’s so, so sad. I can see why William is still very upset about what his brother did.

“His Majesty has made himself clear. A source told the newspaper that the Commonwealth has to be at the center of his rule. “He sees it as his most important duty to carry out the last wish of his deceased mother, which was that one of his main jobs should be to make sure that not only the survival, but also the growth, of the tribe,” they said.

Queen Elizabeth Additionally Stated That She Is Upset By Harry’s Harsh Words About The Monarchy In Her Last Years:

William’s friends have always said that he doesn’t give an inch when it comes to his brother, who he is sure has betrayed him.

Friends of the late Queen Elizabeth were also upset by Harry’s harsh words about the queen in her last years, when her family knew she was sick and close to dying. But people who know the newly crowned monarchs have tried to sound more peaceful.