Princess Diana Says It Was Stupid To Get Married To Prince Charles


Princess Diana Says It Was Stupid To Get Married To Prince Charles:

Bombshell recordings show that Princess Diana said it was “ridiculous” to get married to King Charles, that he “wanted a girl” rather than Prince Harry, as well as that she “hated” her stepmother. These things were never heard before.

In the 1990s, Diana taped the audio for her author, Andrew Morton. Morton went on to write the best-selling book Diana: Her True Story, which is based on the audio.

A day after the 26th anniversary of Diana’s death within a car crash, snippets of the clips are being shown in the US as part of a new series. The clips were shown in the US just one day after the date.

In the 1990s, the late princess made a number of audio tapes and sent them in secret to author Andrew Morton. She died in 1997 within a high-speed car crash.

The New Tape Came Out Right Before The Premiere Of The Documentary “Diana: The Rest Of Her Story”:

Some of the recording is being hearing for the very first time in preparation for a documentary named “Diana: The Rest of Her Story” that will come out next year. Diana died 26 years ago on Thursday.

A person heard the tapes first and heard Diana say that her husband wouldn’t even talk to Raine Spencer, who is her stepmother. “Because at Harry’s baptism, Charles walked up to Mummy as well as said, ‘You know, we were so disappointed.

We hoped it would be a girl,'” she said. “His mother smacked him upside the head and told him, ‘You should know how fortunate you are to have a normal child.'” Diana continues, “And ever since that fateful day, a shutter has come down. That’s what he does when someone answers back at him, so to speak.”

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Harry And Meghan Announced In January 2020 That They Were Stepping Down From Their Roles:

Diana said that since that day, “a shutter has come down,” which is what he does when someone talks back to him. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan said in January 2020 that they were moving down from their roles as top members of the British royal family.

They plan to split their time among the United Kingdom as well as North America as they worked toward becoming financially independent. In reaction, the late Queen Elizabeth II stated in a statement at the time that they would no longer work and would stop getting money from the public for official tasks.

While Diana continued to be married to Charles as well as lived at Kensington Palace, they talked for seven hours and had it taped.

After A While, The Secret Tapes Were Given To Andrew Morton:

With Diana’s permission, the secret tapes were eventually given to Andrew Morton, who utilized them to write his best-selling book “Diana: Her True Story.”

Since then, a Netflix docuseries criticized how the media as well as the royal family treated them, and Harry wrote a book about his life called “Spare” in which he talked about his past.

Morton said on “Good Morning America” that he thinks the new recordings of Diana’s voice will help people understand who she really was.

Morton said, “It’s one thing to read something, but it’s a whole other thing to hear the person talking about it. Here, Diana is talking about her plans for the future.”

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With This Tape, People Will Have A Very Clear Picture Of Who She Is And How She Acts:

“Some parts of the tape are really sad, but I think people can derive a very clear picture of her character and personality from it. She remembered that Spencer said, “You have no clue how much discomfort your mother caused your father.”

“Pain or Rain? You have no idea how to understand that word. People suffer like you’ve never seen before at my job as well as in my role. And that’s what you call pain? I told him, “You have a lot to learn.” I remember going right for her throat.”

In Total, There Are 7 Hours Of Tapes:

Andrew Morton, who wrote her biography, said on Friday that it is “poignant” to hear her words and see the royal family through her eyes. Morton said, “She never for a second thought Camilla was going to be queen, so we have an entirely distinct perspective of how history is unfolding.”

All together, there are 7 hours of tapes. When pressed if he would share more tape, Morton said, “There was global interest, yet we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”