Princess Diana’s Black Sheep Sweater Sells At Auction For $1,143 Million


Princess Diana’s Black Sheep Sweater Sells At Auction For $1,143 Million:

A garment that may be the most expensive in the world just sold at auction for $1,143 million. The approximated sale price of the so-called “black sheep” cardigan worn on the late Princess Diana far exceeded $80,000.

Warm & Wonderful sales increased after Princess Diana donned a merino cardigan to one of King Charles III’s polo matches in 1981, according to a statement by designers Sally Muir as well as Joanna Osborne.

A “black sheep” cardigan worn through the late Princess Diana to a polo match in 1981, when she was engaged to the future King Charles III, sold at auction for $1,143,000. Max Foster of CNN explains the fixation with the garment.

It Became One Of Diana’s Most Recognizable Fashion Items After She Wore It Numerous Times:

“Unlike most of the items that have pass through the hands of lucky collectors as well as museums during the 25-plus years since her death, the sweater came beforehand so much of the turmoil that ultimately characterized Diana’s life,” Sotheby’s stated on its website when announcing the auction.

Diana and Charles, the prince, had just become engaged when she initially wore it. After harming the original sweater, the princess requested a replacement from the designers, who gladly sent her a new one in 1983, which she wore to another polo match. Later, they received a letter of appreciation from Diana’s secretary, Oliver Everett.

The item became one of Diana’s most recognizable fashion items after she wore it multiple times. The cardigan was discontinued by Warm & Wonderful in 1994, but it was reintroduced in 2020. The updated cotton iteration of the cardigan from the line can be pre-ordered for $248.

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Diana, who passed away in 1997, was considered a fashion icon, as well as several of her outfits, such as the “revenge dress” she wore shortly after her divorce from Prince Charles, became iconic.

The Black Sheep Sweater May Have Made A Statement About Diana’s Position Within The Royal Family:

However, the black sheep sweater may have communicated Diana’s feelings toward the royal family. While she was known for being the “People’s Princess” as well as adored through the public, she frequently clashed with the royal family, particularly after her divorce from Prince Charles in 1992.

The black sheep sweater and evening gown worn by Diana within 1985 were part of Sotheby’s “Fashion Icons” auction, which additionally featured dresses worn by Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Madonna, as well as a headdress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker.

The three items that were sold were a scarlet-red silk gown by Bruce Oldfield and two designs by Catherine Walker: a strapless black silk velvet and white silk crepe gown, an off-the-shoulder black faille bodice, as well as a draped jade silk skirt.

The Short-Sleeved Bruce Oldfield Dress Sold For $571,500, While It Was Originally Estimated To Sell For $200,000:

According to a source, the short-sleeved pleated Bruce Oldfield dress worn by Princess Diana to the première of the film Hot Shots! starring Charlie Sheen within November 1991 sold for $571,500 when it was initially estimated to sell for $200,000.

According to a source, the black as well as jade Catherine Walker design alongside a minimum purchase price of $100,000 that the princess wore to a 1991 gala dinner at the Royal York Hotel within Toronto, Canada, was purchased for $571,500.

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Louis Petho Auctioned Off The Dresses “To Raise Funds For A Scholarship Fund For Mature Design And Art Students:

The outlet additionally stated that the black and white Catherine Walker dress Diana wore to a private event went for over eight times its estimated sale price of $60,000 for a staggering $508,00.

The Daily Mail reported that Ellen’s husband, Louis Petho, 83, sold the costumes at auction “to help raise money for a scholarship fund for mature creative arts students.”