Printed a deleted scene from The Batman that displays multiple of its nice villains: simply what we anticipated


Caution: The object comprises primary spoilers for The Batman.

The director of The Batman, Matt Reeves, commented on it and, in spite of everything, has printed it. The newest replace to the Enigma site has printed a deleted scene appearing an come upon between Batman and his largest villain: Joker.

For weeks since The Batman opened in theaters, Warner Bros. has been losing new content material on its site The site prior to now introduced a brand new Enigma comedian written by means of Paul Dano, however lately used to be the massive day.

On the finish of The Batman, Enigma is defeated and locked up in Arkham Asylum. However he meets a chum in a neighboring mobile who is sort of indubitably the Joker performed by means of Barry Keoghan. Despite the fact that the cameo used to be transient, Matt Reeves mentioned that he filmed a scene, now deleted, wherein Batman turns to the Joker for lend a hand early within the Enigma investigation..

Here is that deleted scene:

The five-minute deleted scene the place Batman meets Barry Keoghan’s Joker at Arkham Asylum has been formally printed. We will see Batman asking Joker who Riddler might be.

Despite the fact that we by no means get an entire and transparent view of Keoghan’s Joker, we do see that his face is stuffed with scars, bald spots on his head and scabs on his palms. It’s unclear if he’s injured or unwell. And Joker, hanging at the Hannibal Lecter plan, takes the chance to play Batman’s psychiatrist as an alternative of serving to him uncover who Enigma is.

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In spite of filming this scene and together with a nod to the Joker on the finish of the film, Matt Reeves Hasn’t Solely Dedicated To A Villain For The Sequel. The director has introduced different imaginable villains for the sequel, reminiscent of Mr. Freeze and Two-Face, whilst Pattinson mentioned that he wish to see Batman take at the Court docket of Owls.

On this interview, Matt Reeves tells us what are the inspirations for this Joker, his origins, the reason of his look and his imaginable long term.