Private school cut name of this state education minister’s grand daughter for not paying fees, know the whole matter …

The Delhi Public School (DPS) in Bokaro, Jharkhand, cut the name of the granddaughter of state education minister Jagannath Mahto for not paying the fees on time. When the minister himself reached the school to collect the fees, his granddaughter’s name was written back in the online class of the school. The Education Minister said that on getting the information about his name being cut, he reached DPS School in Chas, Bokaro on Saturday and deposited his granddaughter’s fees as per rules. Mahato said that he deposited the fees and reviewed the condition of private schools. Also Read – Indian Railways / School Reopen News: With the launch of the school-train, these 4 major works will be started in the country from tomorrow in Unlock 4.0

At the same time, on this incident, the main opposition party, while taunting that the arbitrariness of private schools is enough to show the mirror to the government. State BJP spokesperson Kunal Shadangi said that the incident of Chas’s Delhi Public School is just an example. Since the matter was related to the education minister’s house in the state, the minister reached the school in a hurry. Also Read – Schools Colleges Reopening News: Schools will open in these states from September 21 and will remain closed, parents will have this responsibility

He said that every day hundreds of thousands of parents of the state are disturbed by the arbitrariness of private schools, but the state education ministry and the state government are helpless in front of these schools. Also Read – Schools Reopening: Schools will open in this state from September 21, but regular classes will not be held

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