Prosecutors Said Kevin Spacey Was Able To Get Away With Sexual Assaults Because He Was A Famous Actor


Prosecutors Said Kevin Spacey Was Able To Get Away With Sexual Assaults Because He Was A Famous Actor:

Between 2001 and 2013, the Oscar-winning actor was accused of 12 things by four men. He says he is not guilty.

In their final statements on Wednesday, the prosecution within Kevin Spacey’s criminal sexual assault hearing said that the actor got away with his actions because he was a famous actor.

Prosecutor Christine Agnew stated that Spacey took advantage of “opportunity grabs” and got away with charges for years because he was famous and used his power.

According To Prosecutor Kelvin Spacey’s Sexual Assault Case Involves Enormous Power Imbalance:

Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault case includes a “enormous power imbalance” as well as a man who is “used to obtaining his own way,” prosecutor Christine Agnew warned the jury this afternoon as the actor’s trial in London began to wind down.

Jurors heard Agnew’s closing statements on Wednesday. This came after Spacey’s claimed victims gave a number of heartbreaking stories over the last four weeks.

Kelvin Spacey Pleads Not Guilty To All Nine Sexual Crimes:

The star pleads not guilty to nine sexual crimes, including numerous counts of sexual as well as indecent attack along with a count of cause a person to participate in penetrative sexual behavior without permission.

In her final speech, Agnew said that Spacey’s “aggressive, oppressive, and intimidating behavior” might have led to the trial.

According To Prosecutor Kelvin Knows That No One Is Going To Believe If The Victim Filed The Lawsuit:

Prosecutor Christine Agnew told the Associated Press that Spacey gets away with the alleged string of assaults over more than a decade due to thought he was well-known enough that the men would not complain or weren’t going to be believed if they did.

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He also knew that the police wouldn’t do anything about it, she said, completing the “trinity.” On Wednesday, the judge threw out some of the sexual attack charges because of a mistake in the law.

The star has pleaded not to be guilty to the remaining charges, which continue to involve sexual abuse and forcing someone to do penetrative sexual behavior without their permission.

Agnew Stated That The Oscar Winner Star Kelvin Use His Fame To Obtain What He Wanted:

Agnew said that the Oscar winner used his fame to get what he wanted and took advantage of a “enormous power imbalance” between himself as well as his claimed victims, according to Deadline.

“It’s regarding power and how to take benefit of that authority,” Agnew told Variety. He called the defense’s claims “fragile” and referred to Kevin Spacey’s popular show “House of Cards” to be a “house of straw.”

What Type Of Accused Of Things He Charged On Kelvin Spacey:

Spacey was accused of things like touching people without their permission, grabbing their crotches aggressively, and, in a single case, having oral sex with a guy who was asleep.

She told Deadline, “He is definitely kind to the people he chooses to show kind to.” “The past is full of people who are kind to some people but mean to others.”

Supposedly, the attacks happened between the years 2001 and 2013. From 2004 to 2015, Spacey lived in London, where he worked as artistic director at the Old Vic theater.

Kelvin Said That The Victims Are Doing Because They Want Only Money:

When the actor took the stand, Spacey stated that his victims did what they did because they wanted “money, money, money.” He denied the accusations and said that he had private encounters with two of the men, that a third man’s claim that he grabbed his crotch was just a “clumsy pass,” and that it was “pure fantasy” that he had stated something racist to a fourth man as well as violently grabbed his genitalia.

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Elton John as well as his spouse, David Furnish, testified for the defense on Monday within the British hearing of star Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of multiple charges of sexual abuse.

Mr. John was asked if he remembered Mr. Spacey coming to his White Tie as well as Tiara Ball, which he and Mr. Furnish held in their British home every year for over a decade to collect money for the fight against AIDS. He answered that he did not.

One Accuser Said To British Officer That Mr. Spacey Touched Him Without His Permission For Many Times:

Within the court case, which began last month, the event has come up more than once. One accuser told British officers that Mr. Spacey had touched him without his permission several times, including once in 2004 as well as 2005 when the actor grasped his genitalia so hard while they were driving to the White Tie as well as Tiara Ball that the man almost drove off the road.

The complainant said that Mr. Spacey laughed as well as said that the anger of the accuser turned him on. Under British law, it’s against the law to share information that could be used to find out who a sexual attack victim is or to reveal their name.

According To Mr. John Mr. Spacey Attended The One Of His Balls Within 2001 But He Did Not Remember:

Monday morning, Mr. John, who is 76 years old, was asked if Mr. Spacey had ever been to one of his balls. The singer claimed that Mr. Spacey was there once, in 2001, and later said that he didn’t remember Mr. Spacey coming to his house after that.

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Mr. John Said That Mr. Spacey Came By A Privet Jet In One Of His Ball During 2001:

“He came on a private jet and went straight to the ball,” Mr. John stated throughout his 13-minute visit. When requested to verify that Mr. Spacey had come by private jet, Mr. John stated he thought this was the case because he didn’t think anyone wore a white tie upon a commercial trip.

Mr. Furnish Testified Through A Video And Stated That He Did Not Remember Mr. Spacey Went To Ball After 2001:

Mr. Furnish, who is 60, also testified via video link and said that he didn’t remember Mr. Spacey going to the ball after 2001. Mr. Furnish stated that he looked via old issues of OK!, a famous magazine that supported the ball, and couldn’t find any pictures of Mr. Spacey after the 2001 event.