PS5: GAME takes action in the UK against reselling


The resale of consoles is already being an element that exceeds bad taste, and it is a business that does not seem to diminish given that the production of PS5 it is not enough to supply all those interested in acquiring it. Thus, the GAME chain – in the United Kingdom – has launched a system to catch those who buy them through bots.

They have made a statement to VGC, in which they assure that they are reviewing any order made to ensure that each user buys only one PS5. This comes shortly before the chain returns to having units, which has caused a real spike in shopping and booking traffic on the web … so much that they were sold out in 10 minutes.

As indicated in GAME:

“We have strong measures in place to ensure that our ‘one per buyer’ system allows each person to successfully get hold of one.”

PS5 has been one of the consoles that have caused the most unlikely situations, from Walmart employees in the US who took them before they went on sale, to the direct assault on moving trucks, as if it were a movie, to steal units.

Source: VG247

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