PS5 roguelike shooter Returnal prepares fans for updates soon


Housemarque has shared a mysterious image on social media that has sparked the imagination of fans.

Returnal has been a game like very few, an arcade proposal for a genre as classic as roguelike, con factura triple A and polished mechanics that make up such a title frantic as well as defiant. PlayStation called Returnal a huge success, selling more than 560,000 units, raising hopes of continuing the loop.

His studio, Housemarque, has shared a mysterious image on social networks, accompanied by the question “Atropos ..?”, referring to the alien planet where the action takes place in Returnal. This has been enough for fans speculate on the possibility of a DLC or content expansion for the game.

The study has confessed to have prepared newsFrom Housemarque They have not yet specified what this capture refers to, although some members of the study have commented on this image, excited by the news they have prepared. “We recorded something really amazing today. We look forward to sharing more soon!“confessed the game’s narrative designer.

We will still have to wait to find out what the Housemarque messages hide, but we are delighted that the study is preparing news. The game received an interesting update last month that allowed players to stop the loop, one of the options most demanded for its community, but if you have not yet tried its frantic proposal, remember that in 3Djuegos you have the Returnal analysis available.

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