PS5 speculators take advantage of a gap to buy it sooner


The British chain of stores Argos has been the victim of groups of speculators in the United Kingdom, who have managed to reduce the availability of consoles PS5 in the new consignment.

Earlier today, gamers in the UK were celebrating to see the PS5 back on Argos. But the joy lasted considerably less than expected: suddenly there was no more. Everything could be, after all, a failure on the web, or in the app. But the same is that there really was less stock than expected. And yes, it was the latter.

Multiple sources (all of them have insisted on anonymity) have confirmed to iGN that this, in part, is due to the fact that several users were able to buy the Argos PS5 on the 25th, a whole day before the stock hit the web. officially. And this is due to a security breach that a group of speculators has detected: Express Notify, a Discord server that began to share links that allowed users to buy it before it was even known to the general public. And of course, they got a pinch.

That is why other networks like GAME, in the same UK, are taking serious action against speculation.

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