PUBG is now free to play: the battle royale is available to download for free on PC, PlayStation and Xbox


Krafton announced this model change at the end of last year, and it already appears as such in digital stores.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds, formerly known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before its name change was announced this summer, has gone from being the battle royale par excellence to be a proposal that, despite being a few years old, is still one of the most played titles on PC, and could continue to be thanks to its recent change of model.

To continue stretching the gum, Krafton announced during The Game Awards 2021 gala that the game would become free to play, and the time has come. Despite being officially announced for January 12, being the 11th we can already access its free download on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox, through digital stores.

It was planned for the 12th, but it already appears for downloadWe will only have to put PUBG in the search engine to verify that it is already available. The title offers different rewards to players who have trusted the brand. If we have pre-registered, we will receive a backpack, a t-shirt and coupons for seven days, while if we have invited friends we will also have a helmet, a box and an extra gift.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

And what happens if we buy the game back in the day? For those who already have the title in their library, a special PUBG commemoration pack has been prepared that upgrades the account to Battlegrounds Plus, allowing access to exclusive in-game features, along with various skins, a frying pan, and a unique nameplate.

Despite this change of course, Krafton is working on a new, unprecedented game thanks to the purchase of the studio responsible for Subnautica. Meanwhile, its creator, Brendan Greene, has left the company and has new plans in his hands, which include another project that, without being as revolutionary as PUBG at the time, hopes to surprise us in the future.

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