PUBG Mobile has been downloaded literally a billion times


PUBG Mobile it just surpassed a whopping one billion downloads worldwide.

The news was revealed by the PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account. In addition, to celebrate, a commemorative video has been released along with the news. And this serves as a way of thanking the players for their continued support.

Krafton and PUBG Studio CEO CH Kim delivered a special message to the fans to mark the occasion, as it is also the third anniversary of the game’s release (which occurred in March 2018). Kim told fans that “Stay tuned as PUBG Mobile continues to evolve.”.

It is not clear how the game will coexist with PUBG: New State, the sequel to PUBG Mobile set in 2051, and which will feature futuristic equipment that we can use in battle. The new game will add in-game weapon customization, drones, an ability to roll in combat, destructible windows, interactive objects, futuristic ballistic shields, and new environments to explore, including a missing shopping mall.

PUBG Mobile recently introduced a series of music-based abilities as part of the Hundred Rhythms update, which sees players wearing musical bracelets to compromise abilities and thwart enemies.

Also, last November 2020, a special version of the game was reintroduced in India after the game was banned in the country. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see what the route of this version is in the future. And it is that, in September 2019, the game had already raised more than 1,000 million dollars in benefits.

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