PUBG shoots up its figures after becoming free to play, although many players are critical


The battle royale reaches a peak of 670,000 players after the change in monetization model.

PUBG: Battlegrounds, the veteran battle royale, remains one of the regulars on the lists of most played games on steam, but its recent change in monetization model has led it to shoot your figures. The previously known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds announced at the end of 2021 that it would adopt a free to play model.

Since yesterday, the game is available to download for free and this has served to attract a large number of players, managing to reach a peak in the last 24 hours of 670,000 players, double the number of frequent users in the last month. It has been the well-known analyst from Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, who has shared the figures, although not all players seem satisfied with the arrival of new players.

Players denounce the arrival of cheatersThe analyst has also highlighted that the negative reviews by game users have multiplied by thirteen. The complaints, as Ahmad points out, point to the presence of players employing cheats and that they would have arrived buoyed by change game model. Players who purchased the game back in the day received a special commemorative PUBG bundle, upgrading their account to Battlegrounds Plus, adding exclusive features, as well as various skins, a frying pan, and a nameplate.

The great traffic of new users in PUBG: Battlegrounds comes while its creators, Krafton, prepare their new projects after the purchase of Unknown Worlds, parents of the excellent Subnautica. The popular battle royale is also available for download free on PlayStation and Xbox, and if what you are looking for are more free proposals to shoot, these are our 12 best free shooters on PC.

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