Pushing the Right Buttons: Creative and Fun Marketing Strategies


Studies show that people see thousands of advertising messages in a day. If you want to stand out from the noise, your brand needs fun marketing strategies that relate to the lifestyles of your customers.

Look for universal creative marketing solutions that deliver on value and engagement. Check out these inventive outreach solutions for small businesses.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Day to day life can get humdrum. Help your customers interrupt their daily routines with a contest or sweepstakes.

Aim for a contest that requires little maintenance for your business. For example, you might have other customers vote for the winner on social media instead of relying on your team to be the judges.

Contests are great options for increasing engagement with customers online while giving your company a reason to stay in touch. Sweepstakes are equally useful but might get more participation if you’re willing to foot the bill for larger prizes.

If you do choose sweepstakes, be public about the winner actually getting a prize. Many people are wary of whether or not sweepstakes contests are simply a ploy to gather their personal data.

Be a Resource

Publish guide books or listicles that help your customers make decisions. These can be on fun topics like ‘best finger foods for kids birthday parties’ or anything that your audience might find relevant.

Aim to keep the content close scope to your own industry. Topics across too many different areas can make your blog seem confusing and unfocused.

If you can, supplement articles with video content discussing how customers can decide on products or services easier. These aren’t sales videos but an offer of support to customers in advance of them purchasing your products.

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Hand Out Swag

Offer 100th customer swag bag to customers every day. This is a great option for retail stores and offices alike. The 100th client, or even vendor, that comes through the door might hear a bell and celebration from employees for being the 100th customer that day.

This creates a positive shopping experience that everyone in the area can participate in. Include things like branded buttons from a campaign button maker and t-shirts that bear your company logo.

Make sure you put your most enthusiastic team members in charge of presenting the swag bag to the customers to keep the excitement going. Expect social media shares from other guests in the store if the event is memorable enough.

Putting Fun Marketing First

Marketing isn’t just about white papers and analytics. Making real connections with customers in a memorable way requires creativity and inventiveness.

Inspire your employees with fun marketing strategies they’ll be excited to execute. Make sure you share information about winners when hosting contests or sweepstakes.

Seeing other people having fun with your brand inspires confidence that you’re a trustworthy company to do business with. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.