Questions Often Asked About Resume Builders


Questions Often Asked About Resume Builders

If you are new to using resume builders like Resume Nerd, there is a possibility you also have these questions in your head. Well, you’re in luck! We are here to help you answer the most common questions asked about resume builders.

What is a resume builder?

A resume builder is an online application that helps users create a resume quickly and easily by providing interactive forms and templates. It allows you to fill in the information needed in the pre-formatted templates, saving you a lot of time. Make sure to pick a high-quality resume builder that is user-friendly and contains different professional templates. 

What is the purpose of a resume builder?

The main purpose of a resume builder is to make your life easier. Making resumes tends to be time-consuming, most people have a hard time deciding how to arrange their resume and what design to put in it. With the help of the templates provided by resume builders, users can skip the trouble of designing their resumes and just pick a template that they prefer.

Who can use resume builders?

Resume builders can be used by people of all ages. It is especially useful to fresh graduates and people who have no idea in making resumes. They are pretty straightforward to use and contain tips and suggestions that can help you improve your resume.

How to use a resume builder?

Most resume builders are relatively easy to use. Here is an example step-by-step guide on how to use resume nerd.

Pick a template

  • You might be overwhelmed with the variations of templates to choose from, make sure to pick a template that is visually appealing, this is to ensure that you give a good first impression.
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Get some tips

  • Resume builders have tips and suggestions on their website, make use of these to learn more and improve your resume.

Fill out the information needed

  •  This might be the most time-consuming part of making your resume. You need to fill in the information required depending on the type of resume you will make (whether chronological, functional or combination resume). If it is chronological, you will put your work history. If it is functional, you will put your skills, and if it is a combination resume, you will put both your skills and work history.

When filling in your resume, make sure it isn’t too long since most employers don’t want to read 5 page resumes, instead, keep it brief and straight to the point. Also, remember to be honest in writing your resume, though it might be tempting to exaggerate your skill, it is best not to do it. 

Customize the resume that best fits you

  • This is the part where you can customize your resume to your liking. You can change the fonts, and add designs that you want, however, remember to keep your resume simple so it looks neat and pleasing to the eye.

Submit your resume

  • Once your resume is done, you are ready to submit it to various jobs that you are applying for. Remember, it’s better to make different resumes for different jobs since most employers have individual requirements that need to be met.


Some people prefer making resumes the old-fashioned way, they will do the layout and design themselves, and this is also fine! It really depends on you how you want to make your resume, but since the internet is accessible to everybody and there are resume builders available for free that can help you save time, why not make use of it? They are there to make your life easier after all.

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