Rahat Indauri: There was a rebellion in poetry, even if love is a little, ‘India’s father is a little … It used to sound like applause, read like this


Rahat Indori Death: Rahat Indori is no more. He breathed his last in a hospital in Indore. The 70-year-old Rahat was the name of the world of Indori poetry, which every reading, writing and listening platform wanted to see and hear. People used to wait for hours to hear his poetry. He was such a poet of the country, who had a rebellion in his poetry and also innocent love. The real name was Rahat Qureshi, but after making his city his identity, he added Indori and reached the whole country and the world as Indouri. Dr. Rahat Indori was a professor of Urdu. He was awarded with many honors. He was such a poet of the country, who was most famous in the present time. Also Read – #RahatIndori: Now neither I am, nor the rest of my era…. Social media immersed in tears, people remembering Rahat Indouri

Rahat Indori ke Chuninda Sher
1. Write down my separate identity when I die
To write Hindustan on my forehead with blood Also Read – RIP Rahat Indori: ‘She calls but has no idea to go’, the poetry of Rahat Indouri on which the youth spends their lives

2. If you are against
If i’m against you let me be alive
It’s all smoke there is little sky Also Read – Rahat Indori Death: The risk of heart attack from corona increases, this is not the reason for the famous poet to leave!

Fire will come home in many times
Our house is only a little bit here

I know that the enemy is no less
There is little on our palm

What comes out of our mouth is always
You have a little tongue in my mouth

Those who are proud today will not be there tomorrow
The tenants are little houses

Everyone’s blood is covered in the soil
There is little India of one’s father.

3. How many decent people were there?
Kissed the poison inside
How many decent people were there?

Went out of the sun to win the battle
All the soldiers were of wax

There was no other in the mosque
We came together with ourselves today

All ages will continue to battle with sleep
If the eyes closed in the dream

Suraj had also seen his face for the first time
Enjoy the mirror as well

Unintentional shadows have started moving here and there
The weather has come to Kabul in our city.

4. I think a newspaper should be taken out
Let everyone’s turban be tossed in the wind
I think a newspaper should be taken out

No fear from PK’s cool
Those who are conscious by drinking should be handled

Not only a moon, a moon lives here
Never forget to throw stones

5 Shake the storms, hit the floods
Skip the seafloor, swim across the river

6. I feel sorry for my princes
Those who ask for the sweat of the poor

7. The river is very proud of itself
If you fall in love with me, fly away

8. We are not broken by branches, we are not leaves
Tell someone to keep in the wind

9. Keep your eyes water on your lips
Keep a lot of tricks if you want to stay alive

10. Do not put it in my hand and put it somewhere
Asma laay ho laayo lay on the ground

11. Do not take coins thrown from kings even
If we have also asked for a bail

12. Ho lakhs will not suffer but will not give bad luck
Mother is the land, I will not betray the land

Rahat Indauri used to say in Mushayars that his poetry is not liked by the governments and the system at times. Rahat knew this, but he never stopped. Many of their lions recognized the sit-in demonstrations.


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