Rahul Gandhi said big thing – make fun of me, blow it up .. just wait for seven months


new Delhi: Congress leader Rahula Gandhi has said a big thing. He targeted the central government and said that people make fun of me, the media also makes fun of me, blow them a lot. But I am right, I said that the government is not aware about the corona virus and the people of the country will have to bear the brunt of it, and see what happened. Today the Modi government has failed on every front with respect to the corona. Also Read – Corona virus worsens situation in Bihar, who is responsible for it, will be shocked to know ..

Rahul said that I had warned the central government of the country that the negligence on Kovid may be overshadowed, but my point was mocked. Today again I am saying that my country cannot provide employment to the youth, then you make fun of me, but this time also my warning will be proved right. Our country will not be able to provide employment. If you do not agree with this, just wait for 6-7 months. Also Read – Khulasa in research, flushing public toilet also spreads corona virus

ANI has shared a video in which Rahul Gandhi is seen saying this. Rahul Gandhi made a tweet on Wednesday in which he wrote that in the last 4 months, nearly 2 crore people have lost jobs and the future of 2 crore families is in darkness. By spreading false news and hatred on Facebook, the truth of unemployment and the apocalypse of the economy cannot be hidden from the country.

Even before this, Rahul Gandhi had targeted the Modi government by tweeting and wrote that the central government was supposed to expand the list of the beneficiaries of NFSA, but the government did not do this, due to which the public did not get the ration of their rights and This problem has taken the form of tragedy.


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