Railway refuses to start train service in Punjab, said- agitators are gathered around stations

Punjab Train service Latest Update: Indian Railways on Saturday denied the possibility of running goods trains in Punjab. The head of the Railway Board said that he will operate both passenger and goods trains or none. The agitating farmers have withdrawn from the tracks after protesting on the railway tracks for 40 days and they are ready to give permission only to run the goods train. Protests are going on in Punjab about the new agricultural laws. Due to this, farmers have blocked the railway tracks and the operations of trains have been stopped in the state since 24 September. Also Read – Punjab Train Service: When will the train service start in Punjab? The Chairman of the Railway Board said this …

Railway Board Chairman V.K. Yadav said in a press conference that states cannot ‘choose by their choice’. No one can dictate which train will run on the tracks or which is not, it is not practical. He said that the protesters are still at a railway station in Punjab and have gathered outside the station at 22 other places and have threatened to return to the tracks if the passenger train is run. Also Read – Train Ticket Booking New Rules: There is a plan to go home on Diwali-Chhath Puja, so know this ‘new rule’ of reservation, otherwise …

Yadav said, “Similar statements have come from the protesters and the state government. The tracks have been emptied for goods trains only. Indian Railways cannot operate in this manner. If the tracks are empty then they are empty for both goods and passenger trains. We request them to leave the operations of the trains on Indian Railways. “The state government and Indian Railways officials are deliberating to restore the train service in the state. Also Read – IRCTC / Indian Railways: This important information came from the railway regarding special trains running on Diwali, Chhath Puja

The state government said in a statement on Friday night that the railway tracks have been emptied for train operation. But Indian Railways claim that this statement of the state government is a ‘shawl’ with those who are having difficulty in stopping the operation of trains during the festive season.

Rejecting the protesters’ demand, Yadav said, “We cannot run trains in this environment where the protesters say that we can run only some kind of trains.” At the same time, we have not received any assurance from the state government for the safety of those trains. The state government is also saying what the protestors are saying. “

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