Railways: There will be no problem in traveling to Bihar and Bengal during the festive season, 80 special trains will run

Special Trains: Due to the convenience of passengers, the railway can increase the number of special trains in the coming October-November, due to the convenience of the festival. According to sources, next month, the railway ministry may announce to run about 80 more special trains in view of travel demand during the festive season. Let us know that in October-November there will be special festivals, such as Navratri, Deepawali, Bhai Dooj, in such a way, travel demand also increases. In view of this, Railways can announce special trains. Also Read – PNR STATUS IRCTC Special Train: Book a special train ticket in unlock 4.0 so check PNR status with your WhatsApp

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Let us know that when the big festivals of Durga Puja to Dussehra, Diwali and Chhath come in October-November, the number of passengers in trains increases. In view of this situation, the next 80 special trains are preparing to run. . More than half of these trains will connect Bihar and Bengal. All these trains will also be in special category which will be all reserved coaches. Reservation will also be made to maintain social distancing in the general coaches of these trains. Also Read – Indian Railways / School Reopen News: With the start of school-trains, these major changes will be implemented in the country from today in Unlock 4.0

Special trains may be announced in October

Most of them will be in the non-air-conditioned category (all grades), which will help the common man in the festive season. Regarding seats in trains in North India in October-November, it is being told that the Railway Ministry can increase the special trains on such routes according to demand. These trains can be announced in October. It is worth noting that in September itself, the railway had instructed to run 80 special and 40 clone trains.

Railway board chairman had already indicated

Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav had given information about 80 trains running from September 12 in the beginning of September. Reservation of these trains has started from 10 September. Apart from these special trains, 230 trains are already running.

The Chairman of the Railway Board had said, ‘Whenever there is a need for a special train, wherever the waiting list is long, we will run the same (clone) train after the original train so that passengers can travel there and no one has any problem. Ho. ‘Yadav also said that the railway will operate special trains on request from the states for examination or any other purpose.

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