Rajasthan Political Crisis Ends: Patches of Rajasthan politics, Sachin Pilot said- Post does not matter

Rajasthan Political Crisis Ends: Congress leader Sachin Pilot’s statement has come after the political drama in Rajasthan was blocked for more than a month. By this evening, the pilot arriving in Jaipur has said that the posts keep on coming. He has no desire for the post. Also Read – Political Crisis of Congress: 6 major legislators resign in Congress in Manipur

Sachin Pilot, who rebelled against state Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, called off the rebellion after meeting Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi last night. His party has returned. However, during this rebellion, he was removed from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and State President by Ashok Gehlot. Along with this, his colleagues who raised the flag of revolt along with Sachin Pilot were also removed from the post of minister. Also Read – Sachin Pilot will return home in Congress party, share photo of meeting with high command

When asked in this regard, Sachin Pilot said that he has no desire for the post. These things keep coming and going. He said that we need to keep working to strengthen public confidence. We have to gain their trust.

Earlier last night, the political drama of Rajasthan was blocked. It is being said in all the reports that the Congress party itself had divided this issue into two factions. All the senior leaders of the party were in favor of stopping the rebellion in Rajasthan Congress and stopping Sachin Pilot. He believed that even in the event of the Gehlot government’s escape in Rajasthan, leaving Sachin Pilot’s party would prove to be a big loss. In such a situation, food was being tried to stop this controversy.

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