Rajinikanth’s Jailer Earns 500 Crore In India And 166 Crore Abroad


Rajinikanth’s Jailer Earns 500 Crore In India And 166 Crore Abroad:

Rajinikanth’s action of touching the toes of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath appears to have upset a lot of people in the south, but the Superstar’s movie Jailer continues to live up to crowd expectations.

On Day 11, Nelson Dilipkumar’s popular movie is still picking up steam at the box office. Sacnilk says that the movie made Rs 18.5 crore at the Indian box office on its second Sunday. The number is a big jump from what it made all over the country upon Day 10: Rs 16.25 crore.

Earlier, film industry expert Manobala Vijayabalan tweeted that the movie grossed more than Rs 500 crore at theaters around the world. A Sacnilk story, on the other hand, says that the movie has only made Rs 477.6 crore so far.

With Jailer, Superstar Rajinikanth Makes A Strong Comeback:

Rajinikanth is the king of the box office because he is such a big star. With Nelson Dilipkumar’s “Jailer,” which is causing chaos in theaters, he made a strong comeback at the age of 72.

Trade sources say that the movie has made Rs 500 crore at the box office around the world and is still doing well. The real test for ‘Jailer’ starts today, August 21. After 11 days in theaters, the movie’s earnings could start to go down.

The report also said that the film has made Rs 280 crore so far from all over the country, and that the majority of towns and cities within Tamil Nadu have an average attendance of more than 50%. When I talked to film industry expert Ramesh Bala before, I said that I thought Jailer would make Rs 700 crore.

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At This Rate, Jailer Could Make Rs 800 Crore As Well As Become The Biggest Grossing Tamil Film Ever:

If the movie keeps making money at the box office at the rate it is now, it could also make Rs 800 crore as well as becomes the highest-grossing Tamil film. At the moment, Rajinikanth’s 2.0 is on top, but the superstar could take the top spot again.

Sources say that ‘Jailer’s’ sales have gone down for the very first time on two days in a row. The movie’s day 8 as well as day 9 numbers look bad. Within the last two days, “Jailer” is said to have made surrounding Rs 32 crore around the world.

But on day 9, the movie made more than Rs 400 crore, and by the end of day 9, the movie had made around Rs 410 crore in total. The movie starring Rajinikanth has now broken all kinds of box office records.

The Fact That Jailer Was Released Alone Within Tamil Nadu As Well As Telugu States Was An Advantage:

In Tamil Nadu as well as the Telugu states, Jailer was released on its own, which was a big plus. Even though Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Bhola Shankar was supposed to compete in Telugu, it was doomed to be a total disaster for the star from the first time it was shown.

Before it came out, most people thought Chiranjeevi would win because Rajini hasn’t been doing well lately and isn’t as popular within the Telugu market as he used to be.

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Jailer has a typical plot, so why did so many people like it? We agree that Jailer is a “routine” story, but we don’t think it’s a “rotta” story that might only work because it’s a holiday.

Even Though The Story Is Nothing Special, The Film’s Production, Acting, And Technology Parts Are All Up To Date:

Even though the story is nothing special, the film’s production, acting, and technical parts are all up to date. Even within the same plot, this level of quality makes a big difference for star heroes, as well as Jailer is a great example of this.

Recent box office numbers and the quality of Rajinikanth’s movies haven’t been great, so hopes weren’t very high. But he hasn’t lost his popularity; he’s still a star with almost no bad things said about him.

Director Nelson also showed him in a way that was appropriate for his age, and viewers loved this.

Rajinikanth And TJ Gnanvel Will Work Together Again Soon:

Even though the story is simple, Jailer has enough parts to make it worth seeing in a theater by today’s standards of mass appeal. With Rajini upon board, he took care of the rest, and the movie became a huge hit.

Rajinikanth will work with TJ Gnanvel on his next movie. Gnanvel became famous with the movie Jai Bhim, which starred Suriya. The movie is now called Thalaivar 170, which is the amount of movies Rajini has made in his career.

New Reports Say That The Movie Will Be Called Vettaiyan:

Now, people say that the movie will be called Vettaiyan. Another report about the star is that he is going to join Lokesh Kanagaraj’s movie world.

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Jailer is about a former police officer who uses his contacts with past criminals to save his son from a gangster. Jackie Shroff, Mohanlal, Shivrajkumar, as well as Kishore all make cameos in the movie.