Rajiv Gandhi Birth Anniversary: ​​Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to his father, said – Your son is a matter of pride


new Delhi: Today is the 75th birth anniversary of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi before the order. On this occasion, Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to his father Rajiv Gandhi by remembering him. Rahul Gandhi told through a tweet that his father had foresight. He lived ahead of time. Rahul Gandhi wrote tweeting, Rajib Gandhi was a person who was ahead of his time due to his vision. On the other hand, he was a liberal and loving man. Also Read – Facebook case: Notice of breach of privilege against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor

Rahul Gandhi further wrote that I consider myself lucky to have him as my father. We remember him today and every day. Let me tell you that many leaders of Congress Party and other parties have paid tribute to Rajiv Gandhi by remembering him. Let us know that Rajiv Gandhi has the distinction of becoming the youngest Prime Minister of the country. It was only during the reign of Rajiv Gandhi that computers were first introduced in India. Although the computer was not in every house during that time, but it was in some selected government places. After this, gradually the computer era started in the country. Also Read – 2 crore jobs lost in four months, now cannot hide the truth of economy: Rahul Gandhi

Not only this, Rajiv Gandhi is also called the creator of Panchayati Raj. It is also said that Rajiv Gandhi has an important role to play in building modern India and it cannot be denied. However, after Indira Gandhi’s death, Rajiv Gandhi was not keen on becoming the Prime Minister. But the circumstances became such that he had to take oath as Prime Minister.

But the Gandhi family had already suffered a setback in the form of the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the second setback when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. Let us tell you that Rajiv Gandhi, the 9th Prime Minister of the country, died in a suicide bombing by Tamil fundamentalists during a campaign during the Lok Sabha elections in 1991.

Rajiv Gandhi was born on 20 August 1944. Rajiv Gandhi’s mother Indira Gandhi, a pilot by profession, was murdered by Sikh fundamentalists, then suddenly Rajiv had to turn to politics. He became the 9th Prime Minister of the country. During the Lok Sabha election campaign in 1991, Tamil extremists bombed him.


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