RAM Gen 2: Your Share of a $41 Billion NFT Market


According to Chainalysis Inc., the NFT marketplace grew to almost $41 billion in 2021, and between Q2021 and Q21, NFT trading volume rose by 704%. When you look at the figures, chances are you’d get too excited and conclude that NFTs have become mainstream digital assets with every Tom, Dick, and Harry owning one, but facts say otherwise. 

Today, over 700,000 people own NFTs, but that’s just 0.0001% of the number of smartphone users currently pegged at 6.8 billion. NFTs are still in their infancy, and this is why only 250,000 owners trade NFTs each month on OpenSea, the biggest marketplace for NFTs. 

The market is competitive, but if you have the coolest NFTs and a guide on how best to traverse the world of NFT trading, it may be easier for you to tap into the upside potential of NFTs. With RAM NFTs, you get the coolest NFTs, NFT trends and a solid community to keep you updated, and much more.

Before talking about RAM Gen 2 and its fantastic offerings, let’s talk about RiseAngle and why they’re pulling off such a groundbreaking NFT project.

RiseAngle Inc 

The name RiseAngle represents a level of abstraction beyond the myopia we are used to in the blockchain world. RiseAngle is driven by a vision to create a world of opportunities and innovation while building a solid community for the long term.

RiseAngle is a publisher and developer of disruptive games that are super engaging, fun, and virtuous. RiseAngle Inc. is the first game company with a focus on virtuous gaming. They thrive on the belief that immersive storytelling is in its infancy stage, and technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and virtual reality have expanded the possibilities of innovation. Learn more about the relationship between VR, AR and NFTs!

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So far, RiseAngle has released five games to the market across six different platforms with 300,000+ installs and is currently working on a few exceptional products, each one exciting, unique, and groundbreaking in many aspects, including World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse and RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM NFT).

What is RAM Gen 2 All About? 

In 2021, RiseAngle launched the first generation, RAM Gen 1, which secured raving fans. Now minting is closed and RAM Gen 1 is limited to only 400 units. RAM NFT Gen 2 is the second generation of the RiseAngle Membership NFTs (RAM NFT) that provides you with exclusive access to private communities, exclusive NFT collections, and authentic information and trends from the burgeoning NFT world.

However, if you want to access collectibles from RAM Gen 1, you can solely buy a RAM Gen 1 from an owner who has listed them on secondary marketplaces for sale. Gen 1 offers tradable and transferable NFTs you can sell on marketplaces and help you enjoy your share of the $41 billion NFT market. But now there’s Gen 2 – offering the same great experience you shouldn’t miss. 

Due to launch in June 2022, RAM Gen 2 offers the most unique and diverse NFT collections. Already, there’s a lot of hype around Gen 2 as the intro video on Imgur attracted over 400,000+ views, with NFT fans and members of RiseAngle’s Discord server and Twitter community swarming in to take a peek at its fantastic product offerings.

In the main, RAM Gen 2 will grant users access to unique collections for 12 months, with each month having a fantastic collection. RAM NFT Gen 2 is an NFT you can sell on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, offering owners 12 full months of top-quality NFT experiences. You gain access to unique NFT collections, fantastic giveaways, and perks, and stay updated on the important trends in the space.

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Minting for the first collection will take place within the first month of closing the direct sales of RAM Gen 2, to continue for the next 12 months, where users receive a unique collection every month.

The RAM NFT collection features an excellent array of collectibles, namely 2-dimensional art, 3-dimensional art, digital comics, metaverse-based NFTs with virtual reality or augmented reality or their combinations.

RAM NFT Gen 2 is propelled by a vision to integrate the amazing technological advancements of NFT and virtual gaming. You will have access to the most incredible digital arts and enjoy exclusive access to an enriching, private community driven by a philosophy of virtuous storytelling and didactic product utility, all reflected in the character and quality of every collectible you receive.

What’s in it For You? 

As observed from comments from fans and enthusiasts on the Imgur intro video, Discord server, and tweets, Gen 2’s most unique selling point is in the diversity of NFT collections. Collections will feature 2D and 3D artworks, with or without in-game utility. There are digital comic books themed after RiseAngle’s famous World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse and maybe comics of other partners.

There might also be NFTs designed for use in various metaverse platforms and AR and VR use cases. Additionally, some collections come with NFTs with specific utility within the World of Mazes Games Metaverse, RiseAngle games, or RiseAngle partner games.

More importantly, a RAM Gen 2 earns you a family, a community that looks out for you as you navigate the world of NFTs. RAM NFT communities on Discord and Twitter are super engaging and supportive, brimming with over 50,000 users and 40,000+ followers respectively.

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With the increasing number of scam and fake NFTs projects balanced against the robust potentials of the NFT space, RAM Gen 2 will create a haven for users to source the most accurate information and guides on how to traverse the NFT space and enjoy access to seasoned experts and the coolest NFT collections. The community has something to offer you in real-time, from educational content to giveaways and incentives.

Indeed, RAM NFT is an experience; definitely not just a product. And that experience is about to springboard you into one of the most beneficial NFT adventures you could ever imagine — your leeway to getting your share of the $41 billion NFT industry.