Rape of many mentally weak women in Kabir Ashram of Madhya Pradesh, one child born


Dewas: A case of rape in Kabir Ashram has come to light with several deaf women living in Kabir Ashram (Kabir Ashram Devas) located in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. A woman has also become pregnant and has given birth to a child. Police has freed six women from Kabir Ashram and sent them to the One Stop Center. The local administration says that if they have been raped instead of serving in the ashram, strict action will be taken. The administration also said that in the initial investigation, there seems to be an incident of rape. Who made relations with these mentally weak women, who raped, it is being investigated. Also Read – Two Dhaba owners raped Mumbai’s event manager in Delhi, had friendship on Facebook

According to administrative sources, a mute-deaf woman from Kabir Ashram in Madhya Pradesh became pregnant. She was hospitalized and gave birth to a child. After trying to find out how the dumb-deaf woman became pregnant, many facts came to the fore before the police and administration. Six women were rescued from the ashram. Also Read – Rape of 10 rupees, the girl’s life was killed by pain, the court sentenced the rapist to death

District Magistrate Chandramouli Shukla told that there is Kabir Ashram in Jamgod village and at another place. A team of experts was called for counseling from Indore when a woman here came to know that she was pregnant. He was also admitted to the hospital. At the same time, to find out how the woman became pregnant, the Tehsildar and the Women Child Development Department officer were sent to the ashram for this. Seeing the videos of counseling, it seems that initially some wrong has happened with these women / girls in the ashram or outside the ashram. Also Read – 12 and 16 year old boys were raping a 4 year old child, caught red handed

The District Magistrate further informed that the entire matter is under the cognizance of the police and a detailed investigation is being done. At the same time, if these women are protected, then they have been brought to the one stop center, where their counseling is going on continuously. The administration and everyone are in awe since the revelations of a silent-deaf woman becoming pregnant and misbehaving with others. According to the information, mentally ill women were kept in this ashram. Work was done for these women. This ashram was built for service work. Here the retarded girls were also left to the people of the nearby villages, who were looked after here.


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