Rapper Young Capone Passes Away At 35, After Being Declared Missing Within Chicago


Rapper Young Capone Passes Away At 35, After Being Declared Missing Within Chicago:

Young Capone died in a sad way just a few weeks after he was reported lost in Chicago. His spokeswoman, Aleesha Carter, shared the news of his death on Instagram on Tuesday with a “heavy heart.”

“This is something I’m sharing with a sad heart. We always created magic when we put out projects in a smart way,’ she said.

“Young Capone, also known as Dopeboy Ra and Rara, was one of my initial rap and hip-hop clients. I just heard that he died suddenly, and we can’t believe it.

A friend, a client, as well as a very important person in East Atlanta. This is definitely not the easy post. Rest in peace.’

He Additionally Collaborated With Jermaine Dupri And Daz Dillinger:

The post had a clip from his music video with Mario called “Choosin” and art that paid tribute to the late Atlanta-based rapper, who was additionally known as “Dopeboy Ra” and “RaRa,” among other names.

Young was born Rodriguez Smith, and in the middle of the 2000s, he became well-known within Atlanta’s underground hip-hop scene. He worked with Daz Dillinger as well as Jermaine Dupri, who are both big names.

He finally got a record agreement with Daz’s So So Def label, and in 2006, he put out the popular song “Lights, Camera, Action.”

Before He Released “Look Who’s Back” And “Paper And Politics,” Young Changed His Stage Name To “Dopeboy Ra”:

Young later changed his stage name to Dopeboy Ra. Before that, he released two mixtapes: ‘Look Who’s Back’ in 2010 and ‘Paper and Politics’ in 2011.

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Young worked alongside T.I.’s Hustle Gang as well as was featured on their 2017 record, ‘We Want Smoke,’ which was a big deal. In December of last year, he showed off his project, “SlumMade 2.0.”

103.5 The Beat says that Capone was last seen in Chicago sometime within July. When the news came out that he had died, artists like Jermaine Dupri and others sent their respects.

Brandy Hambrick And I Meet You When We Were Both Young And On The Same Record Label:

After Young died, there were a lot of messages to him on social media. Javi’ Lewis, who used to be the Market Manager for the Atlanta Falcons, wrote upon Facebook, “This was our very first film shoot.

We’ll let you in. Making of “I’m Hot” by Young Capone, also known as Rara bka. We stayed up all night within PDE at my mom’s house, while I got sick from KFC on Bouldercrest.

Rara had just given birth to my goddaughter, so I held her for most of the shoot. We were only seventeen years old. It’s crazy.”

Brandy Hambrick, who knew Young, wrote, “I meet you when we were both on the same record label and you were known as “Young Capone.” Always one of the South’s coolest MCs

Tip, Released A Statement Paying Respect To The Late Rapper:

You never got what you deserved, and that really pisses me off. When we made this shot 5 years ago, it was the very last moment I saw you. I heard a few days ago that you were missing. I thought you were great. Anyway, I love you, little bro, and I hope you rise to power such as the god you are. “Ra, fly high!”

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Dupri posted part of the song “I’m Hot” by the late Young Capone and a picture of the singer smoking within a car. He put four dove emojis in the post’s description.

Grand Hustle’s Tip released a statement to honor the late rapper as well as show his family as well as fans they care. “The Grand Hustle family was very sad about Rara’s terrible death. We are very sorry for his family, his children, his friends, and the people of Atlanta.

Djuan Hart Posted The Music Video On Instagram With The Caption, “Really Not The Kind Of Post I Want To Post, Man:

The music manager Djuan Hart shared the music video for Friends on Instagram: “This is not the kind of post I would like to make, man.

When I heard that Shawty had died, the initial thing that popped into my head was the production of this movie. No big ability. I’m sorry for his family and friends.’

During his long career, the rapper put out many records, including Tha Life of a Youngsta in 2010. This was followed by Paper as well as Politics, both of which came out before he changed his name to Dopeboy Ra.

He has also worked with singers Daz Dillinger as well as Jermaine Dupri, whose record label he later joined. People says that in 2006, when he got signed to Dupri’s label So So Def, he released the song “Lights, Camera, Action.”