Raquel Leviss Talks With Bethenny Frankel About The Future Of Vanderpump Rules And What Happened After


Raquel Leviss Talks With Bethenny Frankel About The Future Of Vanderpump Rules And What Happened After:

Raquel Leviss, one of the stars of Vanderpump Rules, has given her initial interview since shooting the season 10 reunion. The reunion played on June 7 and was the most-watched Bravo show in almost a decade.

The three-part reunion was the last part of the reality show’s hit “Scandoval” season. Her post-reunion interview, which was recorded at the conclusion of March, was the last thing fans saw or heard from her before she checked herself into a facility for mental health therapy.

Bethenny Frankel, a former Bravo star who is best known for her years upon The Real Housewives of New York City and other unscripted shows, released the first part of an interview alongside Leviss on her podcasts Just B With Bethenny Frankel and ReWives on Wednesday.

Raquel Leviss Stops Being Quiet:

During an interview on Bethenny Frankel’s show ReWives, Leviss said that she did not get any extra money from Bravo and talked about what she was going to do with Vanderpump Rules.

In the most recent show, the 28-year-old said to a past cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, “I haven’t seen a single penny. That’s not right. I seem to be a little kid who says, “That’s not fair!” But it’s not true. And I believe I’ve been made out to be the worst person ever.”

Leviss Got $350,000 For Appearing On Vanderpump Rules’ 10th Season:

“My mistakes that I’ve committed while on camera will live on forever,” she said. “Reality TV resembles a dangling carrot that means you must share your side of the tale or it is going to be written for you.”

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That scared Leviss, and that’s why she nearly came back. However, it appears that the model has no desire to go back to the spin-off reality show right now. TMZ says that Leviss made $350,000 by being on Vanderpump Rules in its tenth season.

Leviss Said, “I Feel Like I’ve Been Made Out To Be The Worst Person Ever”:

When asked why she decided to talk to Frankel, Leviss pointed out that Frankel had recently spoken out in backing the unscripted stars during the strikes.

“I heard you talking about me on TikTok, and I used my case to be an example of how the network is being used to make money. With this incident, I’m chuckling while sprinting to the bank, but I haven’t seen a single penny.

So in that way, I don’t think it’s fair,” Leviss said. “I feel like I’ve been made out to be the worst person in the world. The mistakes I made upon camera will always be there.”

In March 2023, The Cheating Scandal Was Brought To Light:

In March of this year, the cheating story came to light, and during April, Leviss checked herself into a mental health center in Arizona. Trauma therapy at The Meadows ran two months and allegedly cost her $200,000.

During her show interview, the reality star additionally disclosed that she found out later that Sandoval had recorded a private FaceTime conversation between the two of them. She was surprised because she thought she would have her own space.

Leviss also said that she didn’t have a safe place to talk about her feelings in a healthy way, which was why she drank a lot and made a lot of mistakes.

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The 11th Season Of Vanderpump Rules Has Been Filming Since June:

Since June, shooting for Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules has been going on, and a few of the cast members have been seen together.

Madix as well as Sandoval are both in the season, but sources say that they are keeping their distance from each other to avoid any problems while the show is being made.

In reaction to Leviss and Frankel’s chat, TMZ said that Leviss made over $350,000 for season 10. That’s about $18,000 per episode, since there were 19 shows in the season.

She Will Not Be On The Eleventh Installment Of The Reality TV Show:

A lawsuit hold letter was sent to NBCUniversal on behalf of “a significant number” of people who work on some of Bravo’s parent company’s “most profitable reality TV shows.”

The letter says that reality stars and crew have been treated in a “grotesque and depraved” way. Shortly after that, SAG-AFTRA said it would cover reality stars who met the requirements of its Network Code Agreement.

During their chat, Leviss and Frankel called watching reality TV a “addiction.” Leviss stated that she “almost” went back to Vanderpump Rules to tell her side of the story, but she decided not to.

This could mean that she won’t be on season 11 of the reality TV show. Since she moved into the Phoenix center after the reunion, her role within the season that follows has been uncertain.

Tom Provided Me With That Time To Tell My Side Of The Tale In A Place Where No One Would Judge Me:

The rest of the main group, including Sandoval and Ariana Madix, who is now no longer his girlfriend, has come back and is currently shooting. At this point in the making of Season 11, it’s unlikely that Leviss will come back in her regular role.

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“At the time, I thought I had fallen love with Tom Sandoval. I can see now that I wasn’t within love with him at the time. I also don’t think that he was really in love with me.

Leviss Said That He Have Not That Connection With Anyone Else In The Cast:

Leviss told Frankel, “We had a connection that I felt he saw and heard, and I haven’t really had that connection alongside anyone else in the cast or in my real life.”

“I was making a movie in a chaotic place. I needed someone to listen to what I had been going through and to tell me I wasn’t crazy. Then Tom came along and gave me his full attention so I could tell him my side of my tale without being judged. And that was just what I required at the time.”