Ratan Tata’s police challan, e-challan revealed someone else used fake number plate

New Delhi: An interesting case has emerged from the metropolis Mumbai, here fraud was done so that even Ratan Tata was not left. Here Mumbai Police has registered a case against an accused who was using the number plate of Tata Group owner Ratan Tata on his car. The case was revealed when a challan was sent for the violation of Ratan Tata’s house rules. This accused is a woman. The woman says to the police that she did not know that the number on her car was from Ratan Tata. Also Read – Video: A breath-taking incident, a 60-year-old landed on the railway track and then the train arrived… See what happened then

The woman says that the astrologer had asked to place a special number plate on her car, after which the woman was using this number plate. The Mumbai Police says on this matter that the matter is of the woman, so she was not called for interrogation at night but the police station has been called for questioning on Wednesday. It is possible that he can be arrested by the police. Explain that a case has been registered against the woman under sections 420 and 465 of IPC. Also Read – New Year Eve’s Party Guidelines Your City: Know these guidelines before partying tonight, otherwise it may be expensive

Police said that Ratna Tata was fined for violating traffic rules, but later it was found that he had not violated any rules. Let us know that recently, an e-challan was sent to Ratna Tata regarding the violation of traffic rules in Worli, after which the Tata group was clarified that their car has not violated any rules. Also Read – Party preparations on New Year? Instead of a breath sample to stop Drink And Drive, police will now …

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