Ration Card Update: Number entered in the Ration Card can be changed from home, do it immediately or else there will be problem

How to change mobile number in Ration Card: In the country, if you have to take advantage of the free ration service being distributed by the government or if you need proof of identity and address, then the ration card is constantly demanded. But many times people take ration cards very lightly. In such a situation, they are deprived of government services. Not only this, many places look for options for depositing in place of ration cards. In such a situation, this document becomes very important. In such a situation, if your mobile number has been inserted on the ration card or the mobile number has been discontinued, then you get the new mobile number updated on the ration card immediately because you will get many benefits from time to time. Also Read – Ration Card Update: Now change your ration card mobile number online, follow this process

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For this, you must first go to the official website page https://nfs.delhi.gov.in/Citizen/UpdateMobileNumber.aspx. Here you will see the option of Update Your Registered Mobile Number. You will be asked for information after clicking on it. Here in the first column you will have to write the Aadhar Number of Head of Household / NFS ID. Also Read – PVC Aadhar Card: Order PVC Aadhar Card for the whole family, know the application process and specialty?

At the same time, the name of the head of the family has to be written in the third column and in the last column you will have to enter your new mobile number. After saving, then you proceed. After this your mobile number will be updated. Explain that till September 30, the last date for linking ration card to Aadhaar card was fixed across the country, which has been extended. It is worth noting that in view of the Corona epidemic, One Nation One Ration Card has been brought, due to which people living in any part of the country will be given ration ration free of cost.

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