Ray Fisher accuses DC Films of racism


The ongoing brawl between actor Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in League of Justice, and Warner Media and Dc Films, continues to get worse. In a tweet published yesterday, Fisher accused former DC Films co-president Geoff Johns and producers Toby Emmerich and Jon Berg of having “discriminatory and racist conversations” about his character in the film.

“When it comes to the racial issue, I usually try to offer the benefit of the doubt to those who are ignorant,” said Fisher, alluding to the information he has received about conversations from those mentioned. “But when it comes to studio executives, especially Geoff Johns who are able to say that ‘you can’t have a pissed-off black man at the center of the movie black ribbon race) deserve no benefit of the doubt.

“Toby Emmerich, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were not ignorant. They knew perfectly well that they used racist rhetoric, that it was unacceptable, offensive and discriminatory. They have not dared to say those things to me, or to any person of color associated with the Instead, they have chosen, in a cowardly way, to hide it, in addition to asking me such uncomfortable things as playing Cyborg “as Quasimodo” and forcing a scene to be re-recorded to emphasize that the character had a penis. “

Here you have it (the original tweet):

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