RDR2 Players Launch Network Campaign To Ask Rockstar To Update Red Dead Online


They haven’t received any news for months, which has generated widespread frustration in the community.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most important video games of recent years. The western of Rockstar It captivated millions of players around the world, something that Red Dead Online has not managed to achieve, its multiplayer section that, apart from being enjoyed as one more leg of the main game, has been sold independently for more than a year.

From Kotaku they have echoed this week an initiative by the title community, which is frustrated by not having a great update on it. since July 2021, when Blood Money arrived. Since then there has been no noteworthy content, something that directly collides with the treatment that the company gives to the most successful online mode it maintains.

They use the hashtag SaveRedDeadOnlineWe refer, how could it be otherwise, to GTA Online, which is constantly updated, being something that annoys Red Dead Online users when they carry out a comparison. So much so that they have started a campaign on social networks where, with the hashtag SaveRedDeadOnline, they try to get their requests to Rockstar. They consider that the modality is being neglected, and that players deserve better treatment for having relied on it for so long.

Be that as it may, the updates that arrived earlier were not able to put Red Dead Online up to the level of the experience that its campaign offered. It is one of the works with the best graphics that we have known in the past generation, which helps that, together with recreation and how alive it feels, its open world It can be considered one of the highest peaks ever reached in the industry. If you want to know more about the game, you can take a look at the analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2 published by Álvaro Castellano back in 2018.

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