Re-logic will veto future games for Google, not current

Re-Logic, developers of Terraria, have confirmed that along with the Stadia version of the game, the rest of future releases will not reach Google platforms. However, they have pointed out that the version already available on Android and Google Play of Terraria will not be affected. They have shared their complaints about Google in general with our fellow IGN in North America.

Just yesterday we told you that the co-creator of the game, Andrew Spinks, has shared the news that he has lost access to his Google accounts, including Gmail, Google Play, Google Drive and others. Attempts to recover them have been futile, which is why he made public the cancellation of Terraria for Stadia.

In an email to IGN, Re-Logic has clarified that this only affects future versions of Terraria, such as stadia “and also other games that our study will develop in the future”, which will not reach Google platforms. Of course, the versions of the game for Android and Google Play are not affected.

“Punishing current players who paid for our game on these platforms is not something we are considering,” said Re-Logic. “To be precise: there should be no impact on Terraria for Google platforms that it is already on, and it will continue to be available for purchase.”

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The blocking of Spinks Google accounts includes problems for Re-Logic, such as access to the YouTube account of the Terraria game, important documents in Google Drive and more.

Re-Logic has told IGN that the problems began in mid-January after Spinks received a notification from YouTube saying it had violated the terms of service, something they deny has happened. They pointed it out to Google.

“The first message from YouTube on the subject was that it had no major relevance” they have said, and they assure that their channel is clean and has no problems.

However, they indicate that Spinks lost access to all of his accounts three days later, without success.

We have contacted Google to discuss the Re-Logic complaints, but at this time there has been no response.