Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the first classic of the year and qualified for the final of the Spanish Super Cup

The goals of the match for the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup

The Real Madrid celebrated this Wednesday before the Barcelona in the first classic of 2022, played at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. It was a 3 to 2 victory in overtime, after 2 to 2 in regulation time, of those led by Carlo Ancelotti who will play the final of the Spain Supercup before the winner of the cross between Athletic Bilbao Y Athletic from Madrid.

In the first minutes the culé team tried to press up, but failed to disturb the white box that without too much possession had two clear opportunities at the feet of Marco Asensio, who on both occasions looked for a left-handed shot that went high. In these actions it was already noticed that the offensive trident of the Madrid team was more oiled than that of the Catalan team.

At 24 minutes the zero was broken. It was Karim Benzema the one who pressured a decentralized Sergio Busquets who lost the ball in a childish way and allowed the French to cut and release quickly for the run of Vinicius Jr. The Brazilian, at a speed that none of the defenders of the Blaugrana team can reach, got into the area and defined left-handed hand in hand with Ter Stegen for 1 to 0.

After the goal, the Real Madrid he diminished in his game and allowed Barcelona to grow. It was thus that those led by Xavi Hernández began to generate goal situations, they had a clear one in a header from Luke de Jong and another at the feet of Ousmane Dembele, the most destabilizing of his team. It was just the two of them who participated in the equalizer.

The Frenchman overflowed to the left and launched a hunt that Militao rejected with such misfortune that the ball hit De Jong and he got into the near post almost by chance for the 1 to 1. It was a reward for effort for the center forward and a deserved punishment for Ancelotti’s men who had relaxed after getting that advantage.

De Jong scored 1 to 1 (Reuters)
De Jong scored 1 to 1 (Reuters)

At halftime, Xavi He made two variations: he took out Ferran Torres, who had made his opaque debut, and Frenkie De Jong, to make room for the young Abde already Pedri. Despite this, the team did not gain much depth and Courtois barely participated.

The game was ironed until after 20 minutes when Benzema he sounded the stick with a powerful left foot, after a great individual action, which set off the alarms of the Barcelona who suffered in the counterattacks of his adversary, now led by Rodrygo, who had entered to replace Marco Asensio. That was a warning from the French who shortly after had revenge.

The Real Madrid advanced to the left with Mendy, which he left on the way to Dani Alves, and launched the center so that Benzema define to place, but Ter Stegen he showed off with his save. The play continued because Carvajal He captured the rebound and returned to put the ball in the hot zone where, now, the center forward did not forgive and with a simple definition of first set the 2 to 1.

Xavi then called Memphis Depay and to Nico González, instead of Gavi and Dani Alves, to exhaust the modifications since he had previously entered Ansu Fati, on his return from injury, by De Jong. It was precisely the forward emerged from The farmhouse the one who shouted the tie in a corner played short that Jordi Alba He threw into the area so that, head-on, the 10 stamped the 2 to 2. In this way, the definition was extended to the extension.

In the extension was the Real Madrid the one that struck at seven minutes. casemiro he recovered a ball near his area and after advancing a few meters he noticed that Barcelona had been so badly stopped that it was four against two. The Brazilian, moved the appropriate time until releasing to his right to Rodrygo, who entered the area and knocked back for full speed entry of Federico Valverde, which had entered the complement and defined for the 3 to 2.

In the second part of the extension, Barcelona came out desperate to find the tie, without too many ideas, he just had a clear opportunity with a center to the area and a Chilean who Ansu Fati improvised, but failed to connect the ball well. About the end, those of Carlo Ancelotti They could have scored a bit more, but an unusual mistake by Rodrygo, hand in hand with Ter Stegen, deprived them of that conquest.

Benzema-Vinícius accumulate 38 goals this season, while all of Barcelona add 37 (Reuters)
Benzema-Vinícius accumulate 38 goals this season, while all of Barcelona add 37 (Reuters)

The You meringues have not lost a classic since March 2019 and they have come to dominate a duel that marks seasons. They emerged winners of the last five and also dominate the history of confrontations in the Spanish Super Cup with nine wins in 15 games, four for Barcelona and two draws. On the other side of the key Atlético de Madrid and Athletic Bilbao they will look for the remaining ticket to the grand final.

STADIUM: King Fahd International.


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