Recreate Metroid Prime in 2D


Look, we like the old, the retro. And if well Metroid Prime It is already a 19-year-old game in itself (it’s hard to think about it and everything for some), there are those who want to give it an even more classic aftertaste (let’s not forget that the saga started with side scrolling), so here you have this project from Team SCU . And it is that ladies and we give, Prime 2D has been in development no less than since 2004, Comicbook tells us.

But it has changed a lot over time, and they have always wanted it to be very true to the original. Team SCU has already made available a first demo of the title that you can see below:

The truth is that the players of the Gamecube title will not be able to deny that respect is very high for the original piece, the first 3D game in the saga that became a sub-saga in itself before the arrival of the sequel and from a third party that debuted on Wii as the most anticipated shooter on the console, rivaling even Halo and standing up to it commendably.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Review

Do you know that SEGA itself offered Nintendo to program a Metroid? The result of a SEGA Metroid we do not know what it would have been, although when doing it for Nintendo, it would probably have been quite faithful to the origins of the saga. They were not going to turn Samus into a ball spinning fast through environments as if he were Sonic … especially since that is something that could already be done before.

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