Releases of Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Disney + in January that may interest you if you like video games


Heroes of comics, science fiction, a meeting full of magic and cinema for the whole family among our recommendations.

Releases of Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Disney + in January that may interest you if you like video games

The year ended on streaming platforms with a second season of The Witcher who has been able to take note of the mistakes of the past to convince us in the new adventures of Geralt de Rivia. We also had the return of the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy in The Book of Boba Fett, a character who has also had his way through video games, including one of the most tragic episodes of cancellations in the industry, the history of Star Wars 1313.

2022 promises to be a great year for video game adaptationsThis 2022 promises not to be left behind and some of the series most anticipated by video game lovers, like the one that will adapt The Last of Us by HBO, while in the cinema, Tom Holland is already preparing us to give life to Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, the other Naughty Dog video game that promises to take his action to the movie theater. SEGA’s blue hedgehog It will also return this next year and its trailer at The Game Awards 2021 was able to conquer the public by recreating some of the most iconic moments of the franchise.

There are many reasons to be excited, but to start your television sessions on the right foot, we wanted to make you a series of recommendations on everything that arrives in this month of January to some of the most popular streaming platforms that might interest you if you like video games. There is a variety for all tastes: documentaries, action films from comic franchises that have had their way through video games, series for the smallest of the house and series in which its plot could well be present in many great video games.

Return to Hogwarts (HBO Max) - January 1

Return to Hogwarts (HBO Max) – January 1 It’s been more than three years since we first saw Hogwarts Legacy, the open-world action RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. The wait is long, but it seems that 2022 will be the magical year that all fans are waiting for. What better way to start it than Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts? The documentary about the film franchise promises to reunite its most iconic characters.

Bloodshot (Netflix) - 1 de enero

Bloodshot (Netflix) – 1 de enero Although the Valiant Universe is not as well known as that of DC Comics or Marvel, some of its characters have had their way through video games. This is the case of Turok, in the classic shooter of 1997 or Shadow Man, with the successful adventure and horror game of 1999. Bloodshot has not had the same luck in video games and the title that was raised for 1997, was finally canceled, although he had his appearance as a secret character in Shadow Man.

Eternals (Disney +) - January 12

Eternals (Disney +) – January 12 The Marvel universe is already part of practically all areas of entertainment, its franchises have shaped an entire cinematographic universe and a number of important video games for decades, which is why the arrival of new adaptations to the big screen of its characters in Phase 4 of the UCM it promises to be essential for everything that is to come from future projects, including video games.

Space Jam: New Legends (HBO Max) - January 18

Space Jam: New Legends (HBO Max) – January 18 The original Space Jam with Michael Jordan already had an adaptation to the video game in 1997 and this remake starring LeBron James has not missed his date with a nice retro style beat em up. However, what makes the film really interesting is the countless number of nods to elements of pop culture that it contains. It’s not Ready Player One, but it promises to surprise you with lots of fun cameos.

The Legend Of Vox Machina (Prime Video) - 28 de enero

The Legend Of Vox Machina (Prime Video) – 28 de enero Dungeons & Dragons is not only the most famous fantasy role-playing game in the world, it has also played a fundamental role in the development of the RPG genre as we know it. The web series Critial Role was broadcasting a D&D campaign with professional voice actors that ended up crystallizing on a Kickstarter to finance an episode inspired by this game. The success led Amazon to purchase the rights to produce the series.

Marvel: Hit Monkey (Disney +) - January 26

Marvel: Hit Monkey (Disney +) – January 26 The second portion of Marvel comes from a very special character, Hit-Monkey, a Japanese monkey who will use his incredible reflexes and great agility to carry out his revenge in Tokyo. This expert marksman has appeared as a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and in Marvel: Contest of Champions. Activision toyed with the character’s video game idea, though it ultimately sought to mask the Deadpool release.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness (Netflix) - 28 de enero

Angry Birds: Summer Madness (Netflix) – 28 de enero Rovio released Angry Birds in 2009 and it became an instant hit. The game mixed puzzle and skill with a lighthearted aesthetic that has been renewed through different collaborations with popular franchises such as Star Wars. The success of the Angry Birds has spread to other training media such as film and television, and this time it is Netflix who is in charge of this new proposal for the little ones.

GEEK RECOMMENDATION: Fringe (HBO Max) - January 20

GEEK RECOMMENDATION: Fringe (HBO Max) – January 20 Although Fringe does not have a direct relationship with video games, we have wanted to include it among our recommendations due to its theme, which builds a whole mythology based on its mysteries while playing with parallel universes as part of its narrative. Its atmosphere of mystery and science fiction will be a must for any fan of video games like Quantum Break, it is even easy to find references in Bioshock Infinite.

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