relief! Onion became strictly cheaper by the government, now know what is the new price…

Onion price: After the government’s intervention, onion prices have come down by Rs 10 per kg in major markets like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Its information has been found in government statistics. The government has fixed the maximum limit of storage of onion in view of skyrocketing prices. Apart from this, along with a ban on exports, measures have also been taken to increase imports. A day after the government intervened, prices have also softened in the productive areas. For example, in Lasalgaon, Maharashtra, its price has dropped by five rupees and it has come down to 51 rupees per kg. Lasalgaon is the largest wholesale market of onions in Asia. Also Read – Nafed’s big disclosure, government onion stock is ending, buffer stock is left for only one week, and prices will go up!

According to government data, wholesale onion prices in Chennai came down from Rs 76 per kg to Rs 66 per kg on 24 October. Similarly, rates in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Bhopal also fell by Rs 5-6 per kg to Rs 70 per kg, Rs 64 per kg and Rs 40 per kg respectively. After some improvement in daily arrivals in these consumption markets, the prices have come down. Also Read – Onion Stealing News: Two arrested for onion theft, here’s the case

According to statistics, the daily arrival in Azadpur mandi of the world’s largest vegetable market has increased to more than 530 tonnes. The arrival in Mumbai has increased from 885 tonnes to 1,560 tonnes. Daily arrivals have increased from 1,120 tonnes to 1,400 tonnes in Chennai and 3,000 tonnes from 2,500 tonnes in Bengaluru. However, cities like Lucknow, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Kolkata and Pune have not yet improved. Also Read – Everyone is worried due to onion inflation, but new goods have arrived in the world of Mimes, Memes will be seen

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