Remedy reveals new details of Vanguard, its next multiplayer game


In the middle of last February we told you that Remedy had had its best financial year in 2020, despite not releasing a new game. Well, today the studio has revealed new details about their upcoming projects, including Vanguard, which will take advantage of that good financial health they are going through.

Remember that, right now, Max Payne’s parents, Alan Wake, Control o Quantum Break, they are involved in a total of four new projects. Two of them, by the way, correspond to the exclusive deal they have with Epic Games. Another would be the aforementioned Vanguard, and the last one is the new great game from the studio, from the same team that has made Control.

On this occasion, the information comes from an interview that Remedy has granted, exclusively, for the GamesIndustry medium. In this, it has been Tero Virtala, CEO of the study, who has carried out an exhaustive review of the current roadmap of the study.

And as he says, all those games will have the same objective: “Create immersive game worlds, meaningful characters, and different story types, all combined with action gameplay.”. He even claims that’s “the foundation for building lasting gaming franchises.”.

On the other hand, Virtala has offered new and succulent details on the approach that Vanguard will have, its next multiplayer game. This is what he has commented on the matter:

“Multiplayer games are a highly competitive space, especially when it comes to PvP or team-vs-team games, but in the co-op space, there are some very successful games. There’s a clear reason for that: in PvP and team-vs-team. , content creation is not a big deal because the other players are the content; they are always making the experience new, session after session. “.

But … how will the game really work? Attentive to the words of the creative:

“In cooperative games, the challenge was often the content treadmill. To create lasting experiences, the developer cannot rely solely on crafting and making each level and mission unique because that is not usually a path that is sustainable. We saw that there are unresolved questions about how durable, service-based cooperative play could be made. If we can solve those problems, if we can take the way we tell stories through the world and exploration, those could be elements that it is better used in co-op than in PvP. “.

In short, Remedy could be thinking about the possibility of creating a game with elements of Roguelike, but also capable of offering an experience more typical of other more guided games. For example, with great importance with the narrative. Without a doubt, the future of the company seems more than interesting.

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