Renfe explains how you will apply for train transport discount vouchers: through a new website and next week


On August 1, the Spanish government definitively approved one of the promises that were made in order to reduce inflation: to benefit commuter, medium-distance and Avant de Renfe users, although with some conditions. Now, from Renfe they have already given explanations of how this is going to be carried out multi-trip ticket reservation system.

It is a reality that in the face of this type of offers that have been raised, there will be many users who will request it through official channels from the first day. From Renfe they want to be in this case as far-sighted as possible in order to avoid a crash in the systems that end up generating criticism, although there will surely be falls again. That is why they are going to open a booking record before they go on sale.

Opening of reservations next August 8

According to the Official State Gazette, this type of season ticket will start operating next august 24. During this time the company will be prohibited from marketing all multi-trip tickets and season tickets to which we are all accustomed. In this way, only round-trip tickets will be available with the usual rates.


This poses the problem that practically any user who uses this means of transport on a daily basis and has a multi-trip voucher will have to purchase a new one. And this number is not exactly small. That is why although the official marketing begins on August 24, Renfe will open a reservation website next Monday, August 8. In this way, what is pursued is to offer citizens time to request this bonus and not wait for a single day when services may fall due to excess requests.

How it will work and who will benefit from the free Renfe Cercanías and Media Distancia trains

At the moment, Renfe is in the process of developing this new system, which must allow it to comply with all the requirements established by law. In most cases, it should be remembered that Renfe will charge a deposit for this type of passes that will be returned to the user in the event that they meet the minimum number of trips stipulated, which in general are four.

That is why it is expected that in the end, after making the request, and receiving the payment on August 24, there will be a simple QR code that you have bought with your bank card. With this you will be able to access Renfe services as if it were the transport pass and when the four months end, the money from the deposits can automatically be released. For now, we will wait until the 8th and we will tell you from Genbeta how to request this new free transport voucher.

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