Reportedly, Jason Aldean’s Controversial Video Was Changed To Take Out The BLM References


Reportedly, Jason Aldean’s Controversial Video Was Changed To Take Out The BLM References:

The music video for the controversial song “Try That in a Small Town” by country singer Jason Aldean, which became a political flashpoint for its threats against police protesters, has been secretly changed to remove pictures of Black Lives Matter rallies.

At the time of writing, the famous video had over 19 million views, up from 350,000 when Country Music Television took it off its channel last week. It is now six seconds shorter than when it was first put on YouTube on July 14, as the Washington Post first reported.

That Video Had Over 19 Million Views When CMT Took It Off:

The video still has footage of protesters fighting with armed police, but it no longer has footage from Fox 5 Atlanta showing violent clashes during the national Black Lives Matter protests within the summer of 2020.

Now They Uploaded The New Video But It’s Now 6 Second Shorter Than Original:

The version of “Try That in a Small Town” on YouTube that was posted on July 14 was six seconds longer than the version that was posted on Tuesday.

The Post says that an article from Fox 5 Atlanta regarding Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 has been taken down, but it’s not clear when this happened.

Parts of that news clip were shown twice within the original video, and at one point, they were shown on the wall of a Tennessee building where a Black teen was hanged in 1927.

Aldean And His Band Played In Front Of The Courthouse:

Aldean and his band played in front of the courthouse. They sang about crimes that should be punished in small towns. “Swear at a police officer, spit within his face, step on the flag, as well as light it on fire.

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You think you’re tough, but you’re not. Now try doing that in a small town. Try to get as far as you can down the road. We taking care of our own around here.”

Just After Bad Review CMT Took The Video Off The Air On July 18:

After a lot of bad things were said about Aldean’s song upon social media, Country Music Television took it off the air on July 18. The singer replied the next day on Twitter, saying that the song had nothing to do with race, either in code or not.

“In the last 24 hours, I’ve been accused of putting out a song that supports killing and told that I don’t like the BLM riots going on all over the country. “These references are not just useless, but they could also be dangerous,” he wrote.

In New Video Many Modifications Have Been Implemented:

The Post said that it is not clear when the video was changed, but it seems that multiple modifications have been implemented since it was criticized by many people, including the singers Sheryl Crow as well as Jason Isbell, for suggesting that Black Lives Matter as well as anti-police protests would be hurt.

Aldean has said that the video and song are not about race. He wrote upon Twitter that the melody is about “the feeling of community I experienced while growing up, where we take care of our neighbors no matter what their background or beliefs were.”

At a show last weekend, he said that the criticism was just different points of view and that “cancel culture” was partly to blame.

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Aldean Said There Is Not Single Lyric In The Song That Mentions Regarding Race:

Aldean added, “There was not a single lyric in the song that mentions or points to race, and there is not a single video clip that isn’t real news footage. I can try to respect others’ right to have their own interpretation of a song alongside music, but this one goes too far.”

Since then, right-wing people like Donald Trump as well as Ron DeSantis have backed the video, and it has become very famous. Billboard said it became the best-selling country song to hit the charts for the first time in more than a decade.

The Country Rock Song Was Played On The Radio To 7.3 Million People Within The First Week:

The country-rock song was played on the radio to 7.3 million people in the week after the video came out. It also sold 228,000 copies as well as was viewed over 11 million times, which is a 999% rise.

Aldean cited “cancel culture” at a show in Cincinnati over the weekend. He said, “If people don’t like what you say, they attempt to make sure they can postpone you, which means they try to ruin your life, ruin everything.”

He also said, “One thing I noticed this week was a group of country music fans who were able to observe through a great deal of the BS, all right? I’ve never seen so many country music fans come together before, and it was pretty badass to see.”

In New Video They Removed 2 Clips:

The Post said that there were several additional modifications to the video, including the elimination of two clips within the last 30 seconds one of a man alongside sunglasses looking at a country sunset and the other of an old man within a wheelchair talking about small-town values.

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He also said, “I’m a proud American.” I’m happy to be from this place. I love where we live. I want it to go back to how it was before this whole stupid stuff started happening. I love my family and my country, and I’ll do anything to safeguard them. Right now, I am able to inform you that.”