Resident Evil 4 turns 16


Already 16 years since one of the most trans-generational games in history was launched, and more adapted to new systems. And why not say it, of those who have aged the best: Resident Evil 4, which was originally part of the N5 (five great Capcom games “exclusive” – ​​now it’s funny to say – for Nintendo Gamecube among which were Beautiful Joe, Killer 7 and RE4 itself) and that its latest adaptation – to date – has been for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Resident Evil 4 is, for many, one of the best games in the saga (for others, the break with the horror genre), but in general, it has been one of the highest rated scary and action titles. And as such, fans are remembering it in style on social media:

This shows us what was the cover (but in Spain we received another that was even more bad vibes, with trees and the type of the chainsaw).

He wanted to remind us of this bicharraco who gave us so much headache.

In general, you can enter the game’s hashtag on Twitter to remind yourself of one of the most influential games of more than a decade ago.

Source: Comicbook

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