Resident Evil 9 would already be in development according to the most popular insider of the saga


We are all looking forward to the release of Resident Evil Village. And it is that the eighth numbered installment of the Capcom saga is closer than we might think: it arrives on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X on May 7, 2021.

But … are there more major installments of the saga on the way? The truth is that it is strange to think about that right now. But it is also unavoidable, considering that this is claimed by one of the most respected insiders in the industry. Keep reading and we will tell you all the details.

The information, which has been published by Gamingbolt, has been provided by the insider Dusk Golem. And the way he has revealed it has been quite curious. Basically, he has noticed the fact that many important games in the saga were in development, simultaneously, at a very specific point: the year 2018. This is what he has commented on the matter:

“There was a period of time when RE: 2, RE: 3, RE8, Outrage, RE: 4, and RE9 were in development at exactly the same time (late 2018).”.

As a result of the responses the insider received, he replied to one of the fans regarding when that supposed RE9 could end up arriving. And this is what he commented about it:

“Don’t expect it anytime soon. I literally don’t think it’s going to be released before 2024. To the point that it’s not really worth even talking about right now, as anything could happen to the developer, including a full reboot ( a lot has happened in the RE series). “.

Obviously, the news does not imply that we will know anything about this game for a long time, but we must remember the reliability with which Dusk Golem reports on these issues.

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In any case, of the games you comment on, there are three that have not even been officially announced. the remake of RE4 and RE9 are two. But as you can see, it also mentions Resident Evil: Outrage. As he commented at the time, it would be an exclusive game for Nintendo Switch and it will be announced at the end of this year 2021. In addition, it is not clear if it could have any kind of relationship with the spin off Revelations saga.