Resident Evil VII: a mod allows us to use the 3rd person

What would happen if Resident Evil VII, one of the few Resident Evil that used the first-person mode (despite what many think, there were previous installments in which it was also used, although not with a similar argument) was in third person? Well, more or less, what you are going to see next:

This mod brings back that fixed camera that he liked so much in the old episodes (although by the arrangement and the differences it almost reminds more of the old Alone in the Dark to a server), and the title takes on a totally different nuance. It is from the Envoliping Sounds channel and shows us a rather striking RE7.

Poor Ethan is going to continue to have a terrible time, but now with another perspective. It is a good time to continue “tinkering” with the latest installment of Resident Evil on the market, especially now that the next installment, “Village” (the eighth of the numbered saga) is going to bring more changes, although to the same protagonist, that this time he will have to face something even more murky, if possible. Does anyone dare to modify the game to see it like this? Needless to say, the mod is exclusively enjoyable on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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