Resident Evil Village: Art Director Talks About Lady Dimitrescu’s Height


When Capcom first showed the villain of Resident Evil Village, a tall vampire lady by the name of Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, they knew that fans of the saga were going to have doubts about the character. The simple charisma of the character has made Lady Dimitrescu become a phenomenon on the internet, becoming the profile image of more than one on the networks. Now, what seems to concern the community the most is its height, since we have seen it stooping to cross a door.

Resident Evil fans will finally have an answer, don’t worry. The game’s artistic director, Tomonori Tanako, has released a release thanking fans for their interest in the character as a result of the theme.


“Recently, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a lot of attention, more than we expected,” said Tanako. “It’s great that you’ve already gotten a glimpse of iconic characters from Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitrescu, in particular, has had a huge impact with fans both in Japan and around the world, which we loved. I have heard that the subject of his height is something that interests … “

“If you include her hat and heels – said Tanako -, Lady Dimitrescu measures 2’9 meters high.”

There you go. Capcom finally frees fans from the doubt that haunts them. And by the way, what height is the girl, the tallest of all Resident Evil.

That is to say, to be collected: Lady Dimitrescu is taller than a Christmas tree, Andre the Giant, Shaq, a standing king size bed, or the tallest man or woman in history.

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