Resident Evil Village: the voice actress of the witches dies


Terrible news a few days after getting your first look at Resident Evil Village: the actress Jeanette Mouse, a voice actress, screenwriter and actress we met in the shown clip of the game as one of the witches, has passed away.

Unfortunately, at only 39 years old, Maus passed away last Sunday from colon cancer. He had Crohn’s disease and had contracted COVID-19. In fact, she had turned to GoFundMe for help with her many medical expenses. She leaves her fiancé, Dusty Warren behind.

Here is the Capcom tweet, where it also tells you which character had his voice:

Now seeing it in the game will be even more shocking for users. The actress has worked on a number of projects in addition to being a teacher for young actors. At IGN Spain we join Capcom’s condolences.

Source: Gamerant

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