Return to Silent Hill will be a new film in the saga with the director of the original film: all the details


Not only video games have seen the presentation of the novelties of the Silent Hill franchise by Konami, since the new film has also been confirmed Return to Silent Hill, which will once again put the director of the original 2006 film, Christophe Gans, behind the cameras.

Although nothing of the film itself has been shown, we have been able to see an extensive video detailing the preliminary concepts of Return to Silent Hill and various details of what we can expect. You can see the video with subtitles in Spanish in scoop below:

In addition to the video, it has been confirmed that we will get more information about Return to SIlent Hill later.

In the video, Christophe Gans reviews his work on the first Silent Hill film from 2006, and there are also statements from producer Victor Hadida, who states that together they managed to convince Konami that another movie based on the horror franchise should be made.

The director confirms that Return to Silent Hill will return to the town (as expected from the title), but it will be experienced from the point of view of the protagonist, taking as great inspiration the game Silent Hill 2.

During the video we can also see several pieces of concept art that indicate what the next film will be like, clearly inspired by the second installment.

There is no word on any release date at the moment.

The event also confirmed the Silent Hill 2 remake, the new Silent Hill Ascension experience, the new Silent Hill Townfall game, and the Silent Hill f.

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