Returnal has not confirmed its launch on PC, but its supposed port on Steam continues to receive patches


The ‘Oregon’ game, which uses the same codename as the Housemarque title, is updated with Steam Deck support.

PlayStation’s intentions to expand into the gaming market PC they have been proven with releases such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War, which are now available on PC. Many users theorize about the possibility that Returnal will experience the same fate and, although the Japanese company still has not issued any official statementthere is a Steam game that has already dropped hints about it.

Latest Oregon Updates Confirm Steam Deck CompatibilityWe are talking about a title that the platform refers to with the code name of ‘Oregon‘, the same one they used from Housemarque for what we would later know as Returnal. Now, VGC shares the latest discovery from Mocha Joe, a ResetEra user who has spotted new internal updates to this game’s registry. Because, among several aspects, this delivery now includes Steam Deck compatibility.


As we have already said at the beginning of the news, PlayStation has not confirmed the launch of Returnal on PC. However, the community has renewed its hopes around a title that, although not yet available on Steam, has elements of Housemarque’s own roguelike adventure, with references to Atroposthe planet where the action takes place, and even the recent mode of the sisyphus tower.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for PlayStation posts on social media, as the first clues from Oregon came from the same source that leaked God of War’s PC release. minutes before your confirmation. At the moment, Housemarque fans can only dream of being able to play the title on PC, but you can delve deeper into the story and feel of the installment with our Returnal review.

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