Reviving Gray in its new generation version has made me feel something that I did not perceive the first time


In December 2018 Gray was launched, an indie game developed by Nomada Studio that quickly caught the attention of gamers. Before us was a title with a simple and colorful style and with a story that lacks dialogue but has its own voice.

Four years later, Gris has decided to make the big leap to next-generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) accompanied by a good number of improvements. Testing this new version for PlayStation 5 has not only made me relive the story, but also It has led me to feel something that I did not feel the first time.

Colors are more vivid than ever

Each of Nomada Studio’s in-game elements make Gris a very special title: delicate sounds, a watercolor-based art style, and a story that tells itself without the need for dialogue or text. Gray does not stop being your historythe history of all human beings, because it represents the path of all our emotionshow we go from sadness or anger to absolute peace and acceptance.

All of us need time to understand our emotions and go through various phases to turn them into something better, into something that helps us move forward without having to feel like we are carrying too heavy a load on our shoulders. This path is the path of Gris, whom we accompany through various scenarios, each one starring a different color that tells us what phase we are in. Without going further, The first is red, a color that leads us to think of anger and despair..

The colors are more alive than ever.

Everything mentioned was already in the original version of Gris. Its arrival on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S has not added any new element to the game, but it does has enhanced those that already existturning Gris into an experience more satisfying and more alive.

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Gris’s performance on next-gen consoles it is something more than enviable. The game runs extremely smoothly, the colors are now more vivid and brighter than ever, and I found controlling Gray much more satisfying than the first time around.

The DualSense is the real star of this version

Five minutes playing Gris in a new generation are enough to realize that Nomada Studio has taken care of even the smallest detail so that the essence of Gris is not lost when improving its world. It is clear that he has achieved it, and he has done it so well that the version of Gris for the new generation offers a completely new experience for those of us who have played before.

I’ve talked about how cool Gray looks on PlayStation 5 before, but what about DualSense? This is, at least for me, the real star of the new version. We all like to watch our favorite game with a fresh lookbut we like more to be able to feel it, to have the control in our hands and to perceive each step, each sound and even the song of Gris herself.

Nomada Studio has managed to perfectly fit all the functions of the DualSense with the history of Gris. The haptic vibration of the controller allows you to feel from your own passage through the stars to the footsteps of what torments and persecutes you, and its triggers adapt to the powers that Gris is achieving throughout history.

By last, the most magical of all is the 3D audio of the DualSense, which reproduces the sweet song of the birds, the slight sound of the stars when you pass over them and the different phases of Gris’s voice. On more than one occasion I have decided to put my headphones aside to listen only to the sounds that come from the DualSense.

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The history of emotions is now a round showand I invite everyone to give it a try, even if they’ve played Gris before.