Rick And Morty Featured A Clever South Park Reference, And A Random Simpsons One


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Spoilers under for Rick and Morty’s newest episode, “The Vat of Acid.”

Each the title of the most recent episode of Rick and Morty, in addition to the opening scene, are clearly nods to a minimum of one iteration of The Joker’s origin story from DC Comics lore. You simply cannot have characters falling off of walkways and into vats of acid with out invoking Batman. Nonetheless, that positively wasn’t Episode 8’s solely large popular culture nod, with Rick and Morty serving up a next-level South Park reference, in addition to a seemingly random visible shout out to The Simpsons.

Take a look at the South Park and Simpsons references under, together with explanations about how they match into the episode.

rick and morty south park

How Rick And Morty’s Referenced South Park

Whereas not as odd or ridiculously convoluted as another latest episodes, Rick and Morty‘s “The Vat of Acid” riffed on time-travel-esque do-overs without having to truly use time journey. (Amusingly, Rick wasn’t within the idea merely as a result of it was one thing that Ant Man and the Wasp may determine.) Rick created a tool that seemingly reset time a couple of seconds again, permitting Morty the flexibility to not solely return and erase embarrassing moments – or to create them for others – but additionally to reverse his personal demise. Seemingly is the important thing phrase within the above sentence.

Astoundingly sufficient, considered one of Morty’s timelines presents a dialogue-free sequence during which Morty hits it off romantically with a feminine character, to the purpose the place she met Morty’s household…and did not run away screaming. After a battle, Morty presents his vital different with airplane tickets, however their getaway plans had been foiled when the airplane crashed atop a snowy mountain. When Morty wakes up, his girlfriend and two different survivors are there, and so they bundle him up in new garments, and the meta South Park reference begins.

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As seen within the picture above, three of the airplane crash survivors’ garments share similarities with these of the core South Park quartet, and it is hardly a coincidence that they are in a snowy setting. One character is carrying Stan’s signature red-and-blue beanie and brown coat, whereas one other is carrying a fur hat with ear flaps, which is at all times worn by Kyle, though the colours are admittedly off on this case. Additionally, Morty’s girlfriend would not have something in widespread with Cartman.

Regardless, crucial comparability to make right here is Morty carrying a darkish orange coat with the hood pulled up and masking most of his face, which is clearly how South Park‘s Kenny attire. As schwifty as that nod would have been with a whole lack of context, Rick and Morty upped the ante on Morty’s Kenny look with its third-act twist.

It turned out that each time Morty hit his reset button, one model of Morty did certainly die inside that universe/dimension, whereas the “actual” model would get transplanted into a particularly related alt-world. Primarily, Morty died over and over and over (and sure many extra instances than what the episode confirmed us), which is clearly a callback to how usually South Park has – OMG – killed Kenny over time, although largely in Seasons 1-5.

What’s extra, Morty got here out of his “A Vat of Acid” expertise with the reminiscence of all of his deaths, which additionally ties again to South Park confirming at one level that Kenny remembered his personal deaths. That was defined, kind of, again in Season 14, when it was revealed that Kenny dad and mom had been linked to a Cthulhu demise cult up to now, so every time that Kenny died, Mrs. McCormick would have one other new child model, orange parka and all.

Regardless that there have been some minor discrepancies right here, it is nonetheless fairly clear that Rick and Morty discovered one of many smartest South Park references potential. And it additionally labored in a reference to the ending of Christopher Nolan’s The Status, so good instances had been had by all.

rick and morty the simpsons moe's tavern

How Rick And Morty Referenced The Simpsons

Within the midst of Morty’s do-over adventures, he fortunately (and rudely) pushed an older man and his wheelchair out into the road. However as seen within the picture above, Morty and the person had been clearly on the nook in entrance of Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons.

Among the particulars are totally different, after all. The blocks alongside the nook and backside aren’t there on Moe’s in The Simpsons, and Rick and Morty contains a next-door enterprise known as “Pour Selections” as a substitute of King Toot’s Music Retailer. Nonetheless, the window of orange and inexperienced diamonds can’t be mistaken, particularly when seen alongside a swinging bar/restaurant door. Positive, the form of the window is totally different, however nonetheless!

Additionally, this may increasingly simply be a coincidence, however did anybody else discover that the man within the wheelchair is mainly carrying the identical garments as Nicktoon-turned-Disney-toon Doug Funnie? The distinction there’s mainly only a crimson bow tie being added to the on a regular basis ensemble of a inexperienced vest, a white shirt and brown pants.

How Rick And Morty Referenced Futurama

Throughout Rick and Morty argument earlier than any of the large shenanigans went down, Morty tried to defend a few of his invention recommendations that Rick shot down beforehand. One of these units was one very very similar to the do-over distant that Morty ended up with, however Rick solely created it after burning Morty by mainly saying he ripped the thought off of Futurama. Their trade:

MORTY: It is a good suggestion, Rick! A machine that allows you to…

RICK: Save your house in a online game, however in actual life, so you may attempt stuff after which return to your save level. Sure, Morty, I noticed it on Futurama.

Futurama famously ended with a sequence finale during which Fry had simply such a tool, although his model solely allowed for a ten-second rewind as he fell from a tall constructing. Not precisely the identical, plus Fry obtained a far more romantic ending than Morty did in his episode, however that is to be anticipated.

With hopefully extra large animated sequence references and character returns to come back, Rick and Morty has two episodes left in Season 4, so tune into Grownup Swim on Sunday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET. Whereas ready, make sure you try co-creator Justin Roiland’s new Hulu present, Photo voltaic Opposites.

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