Right Now, These Are The 12 Best Anime With The Best Wars To Watch


Right Now, These Are The 12 Best Anime With The Best Wars To Watch:

It’s possible that anime isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of war stories, yet there are a lot of famous anime shows that are about wars where everything is at stake.

There are anime that only talk about war as a small part of the story and anime that tell the story of how one great country fell to another through war. War is always war. It’s still one of the most costly activities people have ever done. There are often expensive issues with anime that show war.

You can’t make a movie about war without showing a lot of action, and it costs a lot to draw a lot of action. Most anime artists use wars as a chance to make the characters stronger, which is what makes them so interesting.

When these characters are in a life-or-death situation, they follow their feelings to stay alive, which makes them improve their skills and show them off in fights.

Anime has used this kind of imagery in a lot of different ways because the idea of both the subject’s sense of sadness and strategy has always interested the industry. War has always been a prevalent subject in anime, whether the characters use guns or big robots.

Attack On Titan:

Attack on Titan is about Eren Yeager and his mother, who lived a quiet life together until attacking Titans, huge humanoid monsters that eat people, destroyed their home and the homes of hundreds of other people, killing his mother. That day, Eren vowed to get back at the Titans, so he joined the Survey Corps to learn how to kill them.

Attack upon Titan isn’t merely about fighting Titans; there’s also a political group in this world that wants to wipe out all of these people, turning the struggle into a battle between humans. Attack on Titan has a story with lots of crazy turns, and it doesn’t shy away from showing how horrible battle is.

Record Of Grancrest War:

It was clear that Record of the Grancrest War had something interesting going for it, as most viewers thought the first nine shows were interesting, if a bit formulaic.

However, some viewers may encounter issues with the series’ deviation from the light novel. That being said, people who go into the Record of the Grancrest War with an open mind will enjoy what they see.

It moves a bit too quickly for most people’s tastes, but those who can get past that will enjoy a fun and seriously underrated series. Even though this anime isn’t as complex or deep as some others, it’s still a good choice for people who want to watch something light and interesting.

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The Paramount War:

People in the Shounen genre love One Piece because it is so bright and fun. There is, however, a serious side to the pirate forces, especially in the government, which is trying to keep them in check.

During the Paramount War, this was most clear. When the Marines attempt to make a big deal out of killing Portgas D., Ace Whitebeard gets all of his old friends to help him attack Marineford. In the foray, powerful gods, trained troops, and cold thieves all show up, and both sides try to cut down on the other side’s numbers.

There are big earthquakes, lava flows, hot pools, and even terminators. There is also a lot of shooting. The Paramount War was a wake-up call for people who thought that nobody really died within One Piece.

World War II:

The Second World War was a global conflict that lasted from 1939 to 1945. The movie “The Grave of the Fireflies” was made using stories from real events in World War II. It tells the tale of a boy whose parents and beloved sister died in the Second World War.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a boy whose parents died in a bombing in Japan. People in Japan had a hard time during World War II, and the movie showed how it changed their lives as well as how they lost everything.

He lost his parents and tried to save his sister, but it didn’t work. They quickly became weak from not having enough food. His sister was only 4 years old, and he couldn’t handle how much pain he was in.

Through the tale of this boy, Nosaka Akiyuki attempted to show how terrible World War II was. When the story was over, the boy additionally died while holding his sister’s candy tin, which was the only thing he had.

Full Metal Panic:

Full Metal Panic! is a robot anime show that takes place in a world that is similar to our own. The main character is Sosuke Sagara, who used to be a kid soldier in Afghanistan and now works for Mithril, a military group that fights terrorism.

Kaname Chidori is a Japanese schoolgirl that many groups are after for unknown reasons, and Sagara is in charge of keeping her safe. Fighting both robots and people is part of the show, but what really shines through is how Sagara is still traumatized from being a child soldier, as well as how Kaname helps him trust someone for the first time.

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Sengoku Basara:

Japan’s time of “warring states” is full of great war stories. Oda Nobunaga is the most famous of these warlords. He fights to unite Japan with an iron hand, which is nothing but violence. In its more idealized form, Samurai Kings shows that.

In this story, Nobunaga is depicted as a villain. He starts a war between two rival clan heads and forces them to put aside their differences in order to fight the giant that is coming after their land. People who watch can expect big warrior battles and fights that are more true to history.


Bakufu was a group of people who were against Amanto in the show Gintama. The Amanto were a group of space aliens who wished to take over Earth.

Bakufu was the group that fought Amanto by not believing what they said. However, Bakufu fell in the battle against Amanto’s high-tech tools. As time went on, people slowly stopped believing in Bafuku and began to follow Amanto.

The people of Amanto have shaped almost all of Gintama’s characters. The whole show revolves around a small group of individuals who try to face the Amanto people one-on-one and take them over. There are a lot of strong figures on both sides, and it will be hard for both to beat the other.

No Game No Life:

Not a game The anime show No Life begins with two step-siblings getting lost in video games and fighting to stay alive.

That war happened 6,000 years ago, but no one can remember it very well. It was between all the species in the world. The war killed so many people that the air became so saturated with ghosts of the dead that even a light touch could hurt living things.

God, whose name is Old Deus, was sick of all the fighting and wars and wanted to get his hands on the Sinister, a stone that has the power to make anyone into the One True God.

Soon, everyone from that species finds out about this and starts competing to be the first to take the item. In the end, Riku, who is an ex-machine, takes control of the device and uses its power to end the war and all the violence.

Vinland Saga:

This book is about Thorfinn, who is a young boy who wants to get revenge for the death of his father. Thorfinn gets caught up in the fight between England and Denmark, even though his father told him not to be violent. He ends up in the middle of it all and kills everyone he meets.

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The Vinland Saga really shows how the desire for payback is what keeps big wars going, with new fighters joining to get back at those who have already died on both sides. Even though Thorfinn is still in the second season, it is very different from the first. However, many of the ideas about war are still present.


Since there is a cartoon about World War I, there must also be one about World War II. Zipang is a battleship war tale about a modern destroyer and its crew, who are strangely sent back in time to the Battle of Midway in 1942, which was fought between the US and Imperial Japan.

They stay out of sight and aren’t known because they’re afraid that getting involved could change the course of events right now. But all of a sudden, they realize that they are capable of making things better in the moment.

The Saga Of Tanya The Evil:

World War I was a turning point in history. With the invention of new weapons as well as bold fighting techniques, it saw a lot of terrible things. “What if we added magic to the mix?” is a question that The Saga of Tanya the Evil isn’t afraid to ask.

The magical powers, which are both scary and amazing, exacerbate the problems of this show. Things start to go in different people’s favor because Tanya is helping the German Empire with her special knowledge.

Naruto Shippuden:

Tobi, the leader of a dangerous group called Akatsuki, declared war upon the Five Great Shinobi Countries. He said he would use the animal with seven tails if they didn’t give up. Five Shinobi leaders came together to work together to beat Tobi. Both sides started to get their people together and find any way they could to make them stronger.

A lot of people took sides for their own reasons as well as to fight in the war. And each of them had their own ideas about how they could best help the war effort.

Tobi joined forces with Kabuto, who has the power to call on reincarnation in the unclean world, and he utilized it to his benefit by bringing back to life his dead friends. The Shinobi partnership group, on the other hand, had 8 and 9 tails working for them.