Right Now, These Are The 12 Best Movies And Tv Shows About Cheerleading


Right Now, These Are The 12 Best Movies And Tv Shows About Cheerleading:

Maybe during the Olympics, when everyone as well as their mother is talking about it. I’ve never been very interested in sports. Another thing is that I’m not really into sports biopics or dramas about sports.

However, as a young adult who loves rom-coms from the 1990s, I learned about one sport through some of my favorite television programs and movies: cheerleaders.

The best cheering movies and TV shows always make us feel good and give us pure pleasure. People have become more interested in these pieces over the last 20 years, as cheering has become known as a sport of energy and inspiration.

Yes, the idea of a cheerleader who is hot, blonde, happy, and well-liked is out of date now. Even though that type of character still remains, a lot of movies and TV shows show that it’s not the only thing that cheerleader-themed entertainment is about.

Dare Me:

“Dare Me,” an exciting TV show, dives into the competitive world of cheering and shows what’s really going on behind the glittering pom-poms as well as high-flying stunts.

In this interesting drama, Coach Colette French is in charge of a high school cheer squad. The story is about the close bonds, power battles, and secrets that run through the squad.

The show expertly peels back the layers to show how hard the sport is on the body and mind, as well as the social and psychological problems cheerleaders face.

The storyline of “Dare Me” is very edgy and draws a vivid and sometimes scary picture of the unwavering commitment and cruel desire that are at the heart of competitive cheering.

Bring It On:

Bring It On is still talked about when we talk about the best cheering movies of all time, even after more than 20 years. It shows us the younger Kristen Dunst and tells ourselves what high school cheering is like.

It looks like Torrence Shipman has a great life. The Toros have won five straight national titles and she cheers for them. Besides that, she was also picked to be the next leader.

It wasn’t a good start for her at her first workout alongside the team as captain. After getting hurt, one of the players had to sit out the remainder of the game. They found new ones, and then the action started.

Missy, the new member, says that the Toros have taken other teams’ practices, even though Torrence insists that they haven’t. Misty was right after all.

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Someone recorded the movements for the past captain of the Toros and sold them back to her. The movie is very exciting because there are rivalries both within and without the team, as well as a love triangle. If you want to feel romantic, this is a great pick.

Sugar & Spice:

Nicole, the head dancer at her high school, learns that she is pregnant with Jack’s child. Jack is a famous player. They are both kicked out of their houses and have to move in together. However, it’s hard for them to stay together upon Jack’s part-time job pay alone. The people on her A-Squad decide to assist her by planning a bank heist.

Rebel Cheer Squad:

Holly Phillips made the British show “Rebel Cheer Squad,” which takes the usual squad story and makes it more exciting. In this teen drama, three fiery dancers at a private, top school start up a new anti-bullying club for their peers.

Using their unique mix of strength and speed, the main characters use their energy to fight against different kinds of evil.

As cheerleaders with a purpose, they show that strength, unity, as well as fierce determination may make a difference. This story of freedom and justice changes the way people think about cheerleaders in a way that is both interesting and inspiring.

Fired Up!:

While not one of the newest cheerleader films, Fired Up! has taken a lot of risks with how it’s been made. It has both sex and comedy in it, and even though reviewers weren’t crazy about it, it’s still fun to watch.

Players of football To avoid being caught, Nick as well as Shawn sneak out of camp as well as into the cheering zone, where there are 300 dancers.

Despite the silly goal at first, the two find that they really enjoy being fans. Aside from the people they like, they become concerned regarding the team as well as want to do something to help it.

Their secret gets out. The boys tell the remainder of the team what they’re up to, which gets them kicked out of camp. Nick and Shawn need to face their feelings and act in order to show that they are not planning something bad.

But I’m a Cheerleader:

Megan is having the best time as a kid. In spite of the fact that she does well in school, cheers, and has a good-looking jock boyfriend, her family appears to think that something else is wrong with her.

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They tell her that they think she is gay and refer her to a program called True Directions that is meant to “fix” her sexuality. In that place, she meets Graham and learns more concerning herself than she ever thought possible.

Step Sisters:

There is no such thing as a winner. Everyone works together as a team. Even in sports where only one person competes, like gymnastics, there is a team of teachers, trainers, and other people who help them stay motivated.

Jamilah knows how important it is to work together. Why is she one of the most outstanding students at her school? Because she knows many things are important. And she has big plans for her future. She is the president of her sorority and has a great reputation with the dean.

The cherry upon top is that she is very good at step dance. But it’s not just her job to keep the institution’s name clean. Because they hurt the school’s image, Jamilah has to teach and lead a group of girls who want to win a step dancing competition.

Fab Five:

There are no Disney princesses or empty-headed blondies on the Fab Five group. They are five mean girls who cheer. They have been so rude that the officials can’t punish them. Instead, they have been able to make many drivers run away.

We thought the new coach would make things better for the team, but it wasn’t that simple. The girls slowly start to work together, but inside they are having more unresolved problems.

A little change was all it took for it to go off, like a timed bomb. As Coach Carr tried to talk to the director about not offering the girls the punishments they earned, she got herself into trouble.

She chooses to push them, but the smart rebels fight back ten times stronger. We love that this movie doesn’t try to fix the problems right away. It goes too far, though, by firing the team and then coming back months later to show us a new side of the meanies, how much they’ve changed, and how Carr has made things better for them.

Gotta Kick It Up!:

They get Ms. Bartlett, the new biology teacher at their middle school, to be the new coach of their cheer dance team. The group of five young Latinas eventually finds themselves, even though they have hurdles and arguments along the way.

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Jessica Darling’s It List:

‘Jessica Darling’s It List,’ directed through Ali Scher, is a family drama for teens that is mostly about the problems that come with being a teenager and accepting who you are.

The movie is about a seventh-grader named Jessica Darling who is excited for the new school year and doesn’t care about the normal social rules that apply in most places. But before the first day of school, the main character’s famous older sister Bethany gives her some important life advice as well as the key to getting to the top of the fame chain.

Even though her directions look easy, Jessica almost always does terrible things when she follows them. The main plot of the movie isn’t about cheering, but the main character and other characters do it more than once.


Netflix really shines when it comes to unique films. And Cheer is on its path to becoming one of its most famous and true-to-life movies about cheering. If you watched all four seasons of the TV show Last Chance U, you will know what the structure looks like right away. Here, though, the show is about college dancers from Texas, not football players.

At the start of the series, the Navarro College Bulldogs girls were the best team in the country at the junior college level. Through the first six episodes, we see how the best teams train and get ready for the national final. We’ll also get to know the dancers better as they talk about their routines, stunts, and even crashes that hurt them.

It shows us cheering in a new way as well as teaches us to value it more than just pretty girls moving and yelling. You can watch a second season of Cheer right now and cheer for the Navarro girls as they try to protect their title against their longtime rivals, the Trinity Valley team.


Martha changes to a place for seniors to live. But because she’s shy, she doesn’t want to meet her neighbors or do things like croquet, golf, bowling, or BINGO nights. But then she meets Sheryl, who helps her come out of her shell and gets her to join a cheering squad with other people from their neighborhood.